Stop, Revolt.

Stop, Revolt.


Stop, Revolt. makes music to hang on by. Their vision of a jaded, dystopian and stolen America rings through in every distrorted note, lyric and drum hit. Other bands you migt be reminded of include Radiohead, Babyshambles, the Libertines, the White Stripes, Bloc Party. Visit


Sara and Paul are sitting inside their luxury condo loft on a Sunday morning reading newspapers. Sara is sipping a latte from the coffee shop downstairs while Paul drinks an espresso he made using the espresso machine he was given by his mother that Christmas. He resents her.
"That was a great show last night," says Paul "thank you for taking me."
"Don't worry about it."
"They were a weird band."
"Stop, Revolt."
Paul ruffles his newspaper loudly, trying to keep his espresso cup level. He remembers when he first became aware of The Revolt. He and Sara had only known each other a week, he had just finished his court ordered rehab treatment, she had just bought a new car. They listened as she drove him to take a piss test. It sounded British to him, like The Clash but more arrogant. She loved the Clash but she did not think that Stop, Revolt. sounded at all like them. Bowie more, maybe early Clash just a little.
"My ears are still ringing."
Sara's ears were ringing too. She liked to feel the ring the day after. It was something the band had given her that she could keep. She had been given many things by many boys in many bands but now she was with Paul and all she could have was ringing ears and lately, this was enough. The first show they went to together was Radiohead, then they saw the White Stripes. Then they saw the Libertines. This is what they do. They live in their quaint little palace, hiding from reality and going to rock shows to see if they might remember what it was like to be young and have fun. Paul really has no interest in music. This was one of the things that first irritated Sara about Paul. He knew nothing.
"What was that one song they did last night" he asked.
"I don't know, what was that one song they did?"
"You know it was fast and it had that part where it was just drums."
"I don't know what you're talking about."
"It was like a Bloc Party kinda thing."
"I don't remember any over-precious bullsh** dribbling from anybody's mouth last night."
"Well, no one else's mouth."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"It was a joke. I was kidding. I'm going to find out the song though."
Paul gets up and walks across 2200sq. feet of hardwood luxury and sits down at his computer.
"Do they have a website?"
"Websites are for corporate rock bands, they don't do that. They're just on myspace."
"Is it just"


songs and streaming video available at our

1. Go Strong & Call It Awesome! - Full Length Debut (2006)
2. The Everything's Fine EP (2007)
3. Love From Above - VIDEO SINGLE (2006)

Set List

Stop, Revolt. has hours and hours of music. Typical sets are 30-40 minutes. Set lists are rarely used; a dynamic roller coaster of songs. . . fit. . . alter the crowd.