Stop The Truck

Stop The Truck

 Austin, Texas, USA

Pure Texas music! Stop The Truck puts you in the Honky Tonk Zone, makes you wanna Be That Way; git your Big Booty up & dance to their Two Step Program to get over Losing You; because Love's So Complicated, they make you wanna Tell The Truth and drive On The Redneck Riviera, On The Road To My Heart.


As songwriters and performers, StopTheTruck plays a vital role in the country music history of Texas. The band encompasses vocalist/bass player Moe Monsarrat, vocalist/rhythm guitarist Steve Carter, vocalist/drummer Miguel Pankratz, vocalist/lead guitarists Pat McCann & Ed Ferguson. Excellent songwriting by Monsarrat and Carter, along with songs by their friend and mentor, the renowned Freddy Powers, lays the foundation for all to come. This assembly of men has flirted with an outlaw country music sound for more than twenty years. Stop The Truck sings relaxed and open; epitomizing a devotion to the country music they love.

The eighty odd years of combined experience these musicians bring to the table reflects the big, easy harmonies and roots country playing their fans love in America and Europe. With StopTheTruck�s new album �Sendero,� which was released in August, 2008 at the Equiblues Rodeo in Saint-Agr�ve, France, the band aligns themselves with the legendary icon Freddy Powers. With unforgettable originals by Moe Monsarrat and treasured covers by some of their favorites, they keep the spirit of country music alive.

�Sendero� was recorded with the idea of keeping the bands� live sound intact, in a studio setting. With few exceptions, no outside players were brought in and very few extra parts were overdubbed on the album�s tracks. The album is truly representative of the band�s live performances. The timeless opening song �Be That Way� is an outright challenge to choose your own path or sendero and then follow it.
Stop The Truck has Recently completed a Cd of Freddy Powers material called "Legacy, The Songs Of Freddy Powers". It features Freddy, Merle Haggard & Ray Benson as guest vocalists. This cd will be released in the near future.

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Sudden Stop, Helen Records (Norway) 1998

The 2-Step Program (Stop The Truck Records) 1999

Live! From Austin, Texas (Cardinal Zen) 2004

Sendero, (STT Records) 2008

Legacy, The Songs of Freddy Powers (STT Records) 2010

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Set List

StopTheTruck performs original and cover tunes and can play one set or all night long! Sets are generally 60 minutes.

Typical Set List
1. Be That Way
2. Redneck Level
3. Old Side Of Town
4. Long Gone Cold Desire
5. Jack Daniels
6. Old Man In The Mirror
7. Silky Sue
8. Not In This World
9. Velma From Selma
10. I Just Wanna Fall In Love Again
11. Take It Slow
12. The 2-Step Program
13. Sudden Stop
14. Ramona
15. Just Thought I'd Let You Know
16. Rodeoactive