Storefront Congregation

Storefront Congregation

 Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Acoustic music for the discriminating listener.


Storefront Congregation, a roots music quartet from Louisville, KY, features a group musicians and longtime friends who love all types of music. This inspires their writing of original material and unique arranging and performing of familiar songs. The variety of their music is interesting, well-crafted, emotionally charged and thoughtful. Friends having fun, and the same creative team working diligently toward a common goal results in a dynamic musical experience for the listener.


Storefront Congregation "Kaleidoscope" - 2011
"'Kaleidoscope,' the new CD by 'Storefront Congregation' came last Monday, and it hasn’t been out of my CD player since! The more it plays, the more nuances and layers reveal themselves. The variety of material is interesting, well-crafted, emotionally charged and thoughtful. The songs are precisely arranged, played and sung with expertise, talent, life and very real emotion."

Storefront Congregation "Rennaisance" - 2002
Renaissance Reviews
- Bluegrass Unlimited:
"Gracious, does this quartet from Louisville, KY show promise! Actually, they show promise, deliver on the promise, and make further promises. This is fine, quality work... The value of singers who understand phrasing and inflection cannot be overstated..."

"A well conceived and beautifully executed album of contemporary Bluegrass by this band from Louisville, KY... The choice of material, sequencing, and arrangements are all superior—dynamic, yet subtle and tasteful..."