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Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Band Metal Jazz


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"Super Drummer Redefined"

With his new band stOrk, the super-human Austrian has more going on than polyrhythmic trickery and ridiculous speed — but there’s still plenty of that too.... - DRUM! Magazine

"Praise for Shane Gibson of Korn"

Praise for Shane Gibson of stOrk: "... Gibson’s ability to emphasize different pulses in each measure has evolved into a monstrous skill for creating compelling riffs. Combined with his penchant for heavy distortion and his love of 7-string guitars, these phrases often retain a pummel-you-inthe- chest feel while having a refreshingly “odd meter” sound. - Guitar Player

"stOrk Eats Korn"

"KORN touring guitarist Shane Gibson has announced his departure from the band to pursue his solo project, the Los Angeles-based aggressive-progressive, experimental, instrumental metal power trio STORK, with "super drummer" Thomas Lang." - Blabbermouth

"If you're down with progressive, mind-blowing shred-rock - stOrk is for you!"

If you're down with progressive, mind-blowing shred-rock, then the stOrk just delivered you a beautiful, bouncing baby that boasts some razor-sharp rock chops that could chew off Steve Vai's leg and devour Buckethead's KFC headgear in one satisfied gulp. - The Word


stOrk "stOrk" (MUSO Entertainment, 2010)

1. Moonrock
2. Doooosh
3. Alien
4. Changing Lanes
5. Nautilus
6. Prelude In The Key of Shut The Hell Up
7. Loki
8. DucksInaPond
9. Metal Fatigue
10. Asian Manipulation
11. Emo Village Pillage
12. Tripola



Combining thrash metal with progressive rock -- stOrk, is the brainchild of guitar ogre Shane Gibson (KoRn) and uber-drummer Thomas Lang.

Best known for his soloing, Shane Gibson's frequent use of odd time signatures, heavy riffing, poly-rhythms, innovative tapping sequences and his impressive sweep picking technique provides the sonic spine of stOrk's masterful, musical progeny. Songs like, "Changing Lanes" and "Alien" on stOrk's debut album perfectly showcase Gibson's considerable shredding skills.

World-renowned drummer Thomas Lang (Rhythm magazine's "Best Drummer in the World") provides the percussive punch to stOrk's sonic uppercut. With Lang's incredible interdependence, powerful double bass drumming combined with an innate musicality, his drumming on stOrk is both insanely heavy and musical at the same time. Featured on "Metal Fatigue" and "Nautilus," Lang's drumming is legendary.

Rounding out this ultra power trio is Eloy Palacios (Vension) on bass. Palacios is the sonic superglue that binds Gibson's guitar and Lang's drums together. On stOrk's debut album, Palacios' virtuoso playing and bottomless bass pocket are not to be missed.

Intense, dark, aggressive, futuristic and somehow familiar, stOrk sounds like nothing you've ever heard -- but always hoped you would. To sample tracks: