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The best kept secret in music


"Nightlife: Storm ready to surge"

An undiscovered rapper slides his demo disc to a club DJ and waits. Moments later, he hears a familiar rhythm from above as the people in the room begin to move in unison to rhymes that he laid down just hours earlier.

It's a scene with enough hustle and flow to be part of a Hollywood screenplay. But it's reality for 24-year-old Rochesterian Storm the Untouchable, who performs his first live local show on Saturday, March 18, at Steel Music Hall in Chili.

Storm (otherwise known as Lamar Bullock), who'd never even considered rapping until 2002 when he saw his cousins doing it one day in the park, recalls a night not long ago when he finessed a track he cut on his home computer onto the speakers at Shalimar on St. Paul Street.

Although his sights were set on a marketing degree from Nazareth College at the time, he put his academics on hold, began concentrating on rap and hooked up with local Main Road Entertainment, which released his first mix tape, loaded bases, in 2004.

We spoke with Bullock, who makes a living as a sales coordinator at Archangel Marketing in Brighton, as he prepared for his Rochester debut.

What made you pick up a pen, paper and mic?

Being a young father at the age of 18, I had a lot of pressure, including school, work ... I turned to music as an outlet. My music was always one place I could vent and ease the stress of everyday life.

What aspects of growing up in Rochester make it into your music?

A lot of guys I grew up with are either dead or in prison. Growing up on the west side of the city I have seen a lot of violence and anguish. My music reflects a lot of what I've seen and what can be done to fix it. I watch the news every day, and it crushes me to witness the amount of violence that occurs among my fellow citizens. ... I grew into a strong writer because of what I have experienced growing up.

How did you record your first song?

I recorded it the same day I wrote it. I was living with my parents, and I made a makeshift studio in my bedroom, which included an old PC and a few pieces of plywood on the wall as a recording booth. I used a program called Cool Edit Pro ... with my computer microphone and created magic.

Where'd the name Storm the Untouchable come from?

As far as Storm, the name originated years ago when someone mentioned that my flow, my style took them by storm. I just recently picked up the Untouchable. I really believe in my flow, and I have faith that I'm untouchable.

You produce for others, too?

(I've been) producing for others for about two years now. My last venture was with a country artist named Kristi out of the Buffalo area. I wrote a few tracks for her album, which is still in progress.

And you ... wait. Country?

Yes, I wrote some country tunes. I love music as a whole, and the opportunities are limitless.

How big a following do you think you have in town?

I know that I could fully book a club. Seriously, I believe I have a lot of fans who support the music and believe in what I'm doing. On the other hand, there is a lot of untouched surface I have yet to discover. Being from a city where everyone's a rapper, my philosophy is that some do it, others like me do it well.

You're performing later this month at Steel Music Hall. Where around town do you usually play?

I was invited to play at Steel Music Hall ... alongside with this great group Aryzen on March 18th. Steel Music Hall will be my first hometown performance. I have a lot of people looking forward to this event. Get there early, it's going to be a barn burner.

- Tim Karan-Rochester Insider


Loaded Bases Volume 1,
Respect My Grind (The Mixtape)
Untouchable (The Mixtape) Hosted By DJ BAC-SPIN


Feeling a bit camera shy


Just when the game seemed to be at its strongest Storm emerged from the cracked pavement and the ignorant streets of Rochester, NY. Storm born as Lamar Bullock has been Rochester’s best-kept secret for the past 24 years. Storm’s early years were spent in a climate submerged in the infamous gang wars of the 1990’s. While just barely keeping his head above water and in the books, Storm never expected for his life to do a 360°. As he states in one of his many flows “I did a 360 in about 365”, days that is. It was the summer of 02’ that storm first grab a pencil and a notepad to record his first single “Cop a Yacht”. Even then being a rap artist didn’t cross his mind as a future hustle. While attending Nazareth College studying marketing, Storm continued to perfect his God given talent of writing. During this time he took on the name Storm, due to his ability to capture the attention of anyone or anything passing. It paid off during fall semester where he met Main Road Entertainment’s CEO Rayan Collins. It wasn’t long before Mr. Collins heard this college kid with raw talent and a stars mentality. After a brief meeting there was no question Main Road had found their game breaker. Despite school being his main focus, storm dropped his first mixtape “loaded bases” March of 04’ and hasn’t looked back since. Leaving school after his junior semester of college to pursue rapping full wasn't ideal of his parents.
Though is his first LP was full with flashy rhymes and serious hooks; distribution efforts were delayed due to lack of finances. Discourage by the lack of effort put into his first LP, Storm depended on his marketing background. As any artist with limited funds, Storm sold cd’s out the trunk of his Acura Legend. On one of his few appearances at the club; Storm slid his new single “What I walk like” to DJ Big Reg. While Storm mingled with some of the hoods finest he heard a familiar voice grace the speakers. Continuing business as usual he slightly grin knowing his career was headed towards the Main Road. He hit Black Dog Studio with money on his mind and recorded two albums worth of material. His music represents the reality of life growing up in Rochester, NY. Becoming a father at the age of 18 forced Storm to work twice as hard to give his daughter Kemari the life he never had. In addition to his 9 to 5 Storm spends countless hours creating and producing music for himself as well as other upcoming artist. His music also showcases that life isn’t always a complete struggle. As Storm explains, “even though life in the hood may be tough at times, we all work extremely hard to find that path to success. With that being said; Storm doesn’t hesitate to let his many listeners know that he has came up and will stay up. Storm is the true meaning of an “Ultimate Hustla”, even when ends have failed to meet you can still catch this dude looking fly. The movie inspired album “The Untouchable” takes you on a ride though the mind of a genius. The Untouchable, the album will be in stores or on tap in the hood soon. Storm is set to start his "Summer Heat Tour" this July. While in talks with some of the industry leading record labels including Sony and Koch, Storm still has the unmatched drive of a independent artist. The streets will not be disappointed at the ongoing effort of this artist. MainRoad Ent. and Storm plan to release 3 albums this summer. In the meantime you can catch him in the booth or working on his self-titled DVD; “Storm The Untouchable”. This is a must see event.