Story of M

Story of M


Story of M is a female fronted rock band who draw inspiration from PJ Harvey, Ani diFranco and all who have kicked down the doors before them


Combine well crafted songsmithing with razor sharp lyrics and swirling orchestrations, and you will begin to understand the strength of Story of M . Based in Los Angeles, CA Story of M is not a sunny band- best listened to in a darkened room, or better yet, on a foggy day- with shades of PJ Harvey, Portishead and Sarah MacLachlan, Story of M creates songs that will get under your skin and whisper in your ear long after the CD has ended.



Written By: Emilie Bernstein

This is gonna be different
this is gonna be strange
'cause we've been apart now
2 years
don't believe you'll ever change
The temperature is rising
so let's enjoy it while we can
its been a long time, coming
take your time
slow your hand...
You're like the headache
i can't stop having
i need a transfusion
to get you out
Cause I can't stop coming
and i can't stop running back to you..
So let's do it again
let's do it again
I've been scarred by you
But every day I heal more
guess my heart was harder than your plates
When they met the floor
i wanna be your ruin
wanna be your little shame
i want you to tell your friends
you don't know why you ever came
Cause you're the disaster
I can't stop having
open the floodgates
and let me out
cause i can't stop coming
and i can't stop running back to you,
so let's do it again etc...
You're like a headache
i just keep having
So open the floodgates
and let me out!


These Little Crimes, 2004
Airplay on KCRW 89.9 FM, XM Radio Unsigned
Featured on NPR's online show 'Open Mic', April 14-21
Featured on NPR's 'Directors Cuts' in June

Set List

As we mostly appear in clubs a typical set is 40 minutes long. We play all originals.