Storyteller Melodic driven Arena Rock/country act with 3 part harmonies, Guitar Solos, real song-writing. High energy stage show will keep you wanting more.


Formed in 2002 by (Guitarist/Producer) Ray Vidal and Steve Post. They began showcasing through out local Club scenes and impressively drawing large crowds with their high energy, melodic driven arena rock and attracting major attention. Eventually opening the doors to opening for 80's Rock act RATT in ‘03. By the end of the year STORYTELLER was one of the most popular Rock Bands in L.A. Nominated for more awards than any other band in L.A. at the RCN Awards and taking home the award for "Best Song writing" and “Best Rock Band” of ‘03.

In ‘03 the band concentrated on high-profile shows with national acts such as MR. BIG, WINGER, LYNCH MOB, RATT and L.A. GUNS. Along with showcasing for industry executives, the band went into the studio to start working on their first full length CD with singer Steven Hunter and Drummer Billy Keane. In Late ‘03, they were contacted by (RCN) to inform them they were once again nominated for awards in more categories than any other band in L.A. This time taking home the awarded for "Best Hard Rock Band" of ‘02.

"Only the strong survive"(roadtooth Records Inc.) Storyteller’s first full-length album was released on March 12 ‘03. She's gone the first single, received Heavy rotation on local and over sea's radio. Opened for Atlantic recording artist Lou Gramm formerly of "FOREIGNER".

In April of ‘05 Storyteller released "Between the Sheets". With singer Kenny Charles and drummer Stuart Weinstien. A mixture of studio and live tracks. Continuing to expand they’re performances around the country and opening for National acts like Y & T, Union (Members of KISS), RICHIE KOTZEN, MR. BIG, BRIAN JOHNSON AND CHRIS SLADE OF AC/DC, WARRANT, BANG TANGO and RATT.

STORYTELLER has been working on a new Rock/Country Album entitled "TWO SIDE'S TOO EVERY STORY" (VRE Records Inc) slated for release in July ‘08 and will embark on there first U.S. Tour.


No Matter What they say

Written By: Kenny Charels and Rayv Vidal

so you had your nintenth breakdown
well they pushed you to the ground
and turned you all around
they dragged you thru the coals
burned your sweet sweet soul
oh the things they’ll never know
i guess you reap what you so

no matter what they say
know matter what you feel inside
no matter what they try to hide
they can’t kick ya down

now girl what are you waitng for,
don’t wanna hear it any more
cause the less you take is more
you’ll travel through the flames
with your sweet sweet shame
the things they’ll never know
i guess you reap what you sow

chorus x2
chorus x2
woah oh oh oh x 2


Written By: Kenny Charles and Ray Vidal


Late night evenings
Candles burning
only sounds of you and me

Darkness falling
Our minds are wondering
About everything we cannot see

I Know I've been in love before
But this time it's not the same
You’ve got my heart my mind
my soul And I can't live

without your love
So let it rain.

Rain down,
Rain down on me
I swear it wasn't meant
to end this way
Rain down,
Rain down on me
Cause I just took you
innocence away

Love has spoken
And we're not talking
Only thoughts that are
so far away
My conscious clearing
My heart is racing
And the sweat is dripping
down from me

I Know I've been in love before
But this time it's not the same
You’ve got my heart my
mind my soul
And I can't live without
your love
So let it rain.

Chorus X2

Like every women
All you wanted was I
With every heart break
All you needed Baby

Chorus X2


Naked - EP 2002
Only The Strong Survive (Roadtooth Records Inc.) - LP 2003
Between The Sheets(VRE Records Inc.) - LP 2005
Two Sides To Every Story (Currently in th studio for a Summer 2008 Release)

Set List

Set List A

1. In these Shoes
2. Where There's Smoke
3. Summer
4. Make Me Otherwise
5. Your Not The Only One
6. Miss Unpredictable
7. Thank You
8. Danny Boy
9. Rain

45 min

Set List B

1. No Matter What
2. Question You
3. Live My Life
4. Thank you
5. Your Not The Only One
6. Rain
7. The Night is Young
8. Make me Otherwise
9. Miss Unpredictable

45 min

3 45 min Cover Set spanning for late 70's- 90's