Each one of us like very different styles of music, which makes for a very intresting and origonal sound. People have said it's a mix : The Police, AC/DC, Yes, Dave Matthews, Les Claypol, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and many more. We've been playing professionally for about 4 years - since I graduated high school. We have been playing together since we were babies, but when Phil went to college, Tony and I continued to play without him. Two-man band: crazy rocker style!


A life of Illusion

Written By: Peter G Lewis

I'm on my way,
To the Sea,
Where I can be,
Oh so very free.
All alone with my guitar,
Oh so very, very far,
Not an Island, and island in view,
Just the ocean, the ocean blue.

But how long will I last,
In this life of Illustion?
To forget my past,
Forget my confusion.
I've got a feelin' that a stich was unsown,
And over time my soul will turn cold,
Left all alone the tables will turn,
Under the sun my body will burn.


We've made 1000 copies of 3 albums. We've had numerous demos. There is probably about 5000 total out there. We sell through our web site, CDbaby, CDstreet, and local shops in Boulder. Our newest album will be done in may and is going to kick some serious ass!

Set List

usually we play 2 or 3 sets each about 45 min - 1 hr. our songs are from 3 to 6 minutes, but sometimes when we get a little crazy and start talking to the crowd a song can last much longer.