Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Stovall was started by close friends and Atlanta music scene veterans Hannibal Heredia, Kevin Elrod, and Mims Rogers (The Flinch, The Valentines) whose desire was to present a style in the vein of country music they heard growing up. Always performing an energetic live act, the band creates a sound that has been described as “Cash on Clash”: convincing classic country filled with pop hooks played by musicians raised on punk ethics. Songs can reveal soul, bluegrass, rock and straight ahead county overtones but regardless they all resound as American music.

Stovall has supported national recording artists such as Roger Clyne, Chris Knight, The Deadstring Brothers, The Bottle Rockets and Mic Harrison. Stovall frequently performs at prominent Atlanta venues such as The EARL, Smith’s Olde Bar, The Highland Inn, and Variety Playhouse, and festivals such as the Drive Invasion, Cabbagetown's Chomp and Stomp, and Grant Park Summer Shade Festival.

Currently Stovall is performing in support of their first full-length album, "True Story . . ." on Lynn Point Records . The band continues to impress audiences with their thoughtful mix of country, pop and rock. Call the sound y'allternative, roots rock, alt-country or Americana, Stovall promises to deliver songs from the heart.


True Story

Set List

Stovall's set list can contain up to an hour and a half worth of original songs, along with various covers that are integrated into the set, depending on the requirements of the gig.