Odessa, Texas, USA

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  • Stovall Vasquez Guitarist, Vocalist

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Someone New

Written By: Stovall

Figure it out one day at a time
A dream forged from nothing made from our mind
Ideas larger then our lives
To young to comprehend that our lives not over with
Until we decide to die

Well im not ready to go now
Death said he was afraid of me anyway
So i told him to go dance in the rain
Said i'll meet you in time at my great young age

Maybe share all of your thoughts
Scream em down in a jar like you don't give a damn
Break em all out on the sand
Watch them sink down and disappear

Forget you ever lived and loved
Make believe your the only one
Remember all the tears you shed from fear
Sometimes you need to make the big jump

You see where all different versions of ourselves
Not one exactly the same
See our bodies remain but our mind goes astray
I dont think the same way back then

So when someone tells you you've lost your mind
Just remember to stare them in the eye
You always told us to go against the grain
Neer do something to fit with the crowd
Always seem to surprise the ones that you love
Cause there always the ones that look down when your going down.

October 4th

Written By: Stovall

Do you remember October 4th
All the days that we've waited so long
And im curious to see who you are
You were shining like a star in the middle of the night
Do you know what your daddy said to me
Be as beautiful as you can be
Just like a flower on a tree blooming free and magically
Said he'll love you like honey to a bee

Do you remember October 4th
And everything that we've been through
And you wrote all your love on the walls
You didnt know but we read all the words outside
Do you know what your mama said to me
Be as sweet as you can be
Just like the sunrise flooding her eyes
Said she dreamt of you every night
And said she'll love you like how a rainbow paints the sky

Do you remember October 4th
All asleep in our beds
Things just rushing through our heads
5 past 12 you come a rushing on in
Do you know what your brothers said to me
Jacob smiling and Noah going crazy
And the boys didnt know where you were
But they talked about you all the time
Said they'll love you with innocence in there eyes

Yes we remember October 4th
We all just wanted to say hi
And we wonder what goes on in your mind
Your eyes so wide moving from side to side
Said we'll love you everyday and every night.


I have not yet released any EPs or LPs or any official albums however i do have a ton of songs on my set list.

Set List

Face the North
Bottom of the Well
Someone New
October 4th
Settle Down