A melodic indie-rock experience. Fun, occasionally introspective, ultimately fulfilling.


The home recording brainchild of Anthony Ahn, a lifelong musician.


Three Card Monte

Written By: Anthony Ahn

Three card monte with his silk shirt
He's just made some money
And you can't resist
Three card monte with his hangers on
Having fun
And you can't resist

These days go by so fast
So hard to see these
Three card monte games on the street
What a dumb charade
And it hurts because
I know you're smart
But you're lining up
To be the fool in the end

Drive slow under the radar gun
Then drive fast
As fast as you can
As fast as you can
There's no master plan
So come on as fast as you can

But if you stay with me
Well I can guarantee
Nobody's leaving
When odds are so thin
And it's the thrill you fear
Love's known to disappear
When you get caught up
In time for the end
I know my girl
Won't ever play these games
My girl won't ever play these
My mind won't ever be the same
if she's stuck in a world with these

Oh no


Written By: Anthony Ahn

Going to the park at 4 a.m.
The way I’m thinking is quite different from how it’s been
My eyes are bloodshot from self-medication again
They close and whisper. They kiss the cold, aggressive wind

My time of blindness seems a long time gone
Who knew these feelings could last this long
I was told I’d love this, but it’s taking all this time
In my next life? Yeah, my next life.

I wait for my angel on this busy street
Her wings must be clipped and hidden
Cos I’m sure love’s too big for uncertainties
I don’t mind waiting for her transcendental display
Jealous minds try to bring her down
I’d rather die than see this day

The force that drives in the man to the fight
The one that makes him feel glad to be alive
Sometimes I feel it but certainly not tonight
In my next life? Yeah, my next life.

When I find a girl that I like
I stumble for the words to say
Though I dream of her all night
Seeing her gets harder every day
If I could find a way into her heart
That’d be enough to make this all worthwhile

And I wouldn’t need my next
I wouldn’t need my next
I wouldn’t need my next life


Written By: Anthony Ahn

I’m in my lab, I’m a scientist of sorts
I work with chemicals to get the feelings I want
My lucky brain’s going to float up in the skies
And all is well and fair in 7C tonight

Open up the drawer see pictures of me young
The boy looking back at me doesn’t know what he’ll become
The real me is plagued with jealous denials
But all is well and fair in 7C tonight

The world is bound to swallow you up
But don’t you get stuck by the pull, the push, the hell
Of living the lies
Of closing your eyes
Pretending you’re blind
And feeling just fine

Five a.m., I see traces of light
The pushy sun’s going to make me what I despise
A stupid clone, donning a mass-production disguise
All is well and fair in 7C tonight
All is well and fair in 7C tonight


The Anti-Perish Pill EP