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Stovetop are a three piece Melbourne/Australian outfit that digs Soul & Groove. They have a distinctive sound & addictive Groove. Best described as -"Flaming Soul"


Stovetop are a three piece Melbourne/Australian band, with a distinctive sound an addictive groove. The music warm & Melodic.And takes you on a Kaleidescope journey, Universal heartaching lyrics, memories of melancholy & warm touches of Sweet Soul.
Grooves that roll on like summer but hits like a Winter cold- It will work its way into your head & set up camp.
Stovetop encompasses a new edge of deep resonating melody that bellies the familiar cord structure, as it always weaves back to the groove; the underlying distictive sound that is Stovetop.
Quote-Tony Mc Mahon-Inpress Magazine
"Stunningly beautiful and thought provoking songwriting, couched in a delicious soul/funk aesthetic, with the peculiar quality of being both strikingly original and comfortingly familiar, the band play music that will stay with you like an ever faithful lover, long after your arse has stopped shaking to their infectious sounds"
“It’s what’s in the Groove that counts “– Motown Slogan
Stovetop started out as a three piece outfit; mostly playing covers. They were not your average covers band- Rolling out a list of carbon paper, pale covers like some kind of poor - mans duke box. Instead what they delivered was their own vibe, confidently, re-inventing familiar songs as if they were their own while infusing them with their own distinctive groove & strong harmony.
While, delivering & playing numerous gigs; Stovetop’s lead singer; Simon Burke; developed & honed his sublime song writing skills; coupled with the wizardry of Sim Martin & George Servanis. Stovetop have been making some waves since the release of their most recent album-"Now,Now" in mid 2006.
Stovetop have produced two CD’s-
2005- Stovetop released their Debut CD titled “There,There” this album was based in Groove with some great songs.
Quote-Jeff Glorfeld-EG
“Simon Burke on lead vocals has that sweet nasty funky Memphis sound of Stax records down pat. Isaac Hayes inspired Grooves & Curtis Mayfield. ”There, There” is a 10 track long player with the first track setting the mood from first listening. Simon Burke plays-“Wurlitzer electric piano with his right hand, while holding down the bass groove with his left, and then singing melody with his own fantastic quality”
“It’s more Memphis than Melbourne”-Patrick Donovan-EG.
2006- Stovetop released their 2nd Album titled-“Now, Now”
Stovetop’s new CD, reflects the bands growth -“Now, Now” is an album full of well crafted songs, it encompasses a new edge of deep resonating melody that bellies the familiar cord structure, as it always weaves back to the underlying distinctive sound that is Stovetop. With the release of new CD, they have carved a unique sound-“Flaming Soul” encompassing- “Indie Soul n Groove- tinged with Folk, Roots n Blues
2007-Stovetop are preparing to return to the studio in late february, to record a Live album, the intention to capture their unique live sound.


Get You Off My Mind

Written By: Simon Burke

and the thoughts they go so easily
where do they go, where do they go
my dreams no longer please me
where do they go, where do they go

but all my talk and dreaming on
wont bring my hope from where its gone
I'm just chasing smoke around again
and you know, that aint so bad to me

some would say its a waste of time
what would they know
standing cold like a fool in this endless line
what would they know
cause I'm like a deck of cards in a breeze
sitting here praying that no-one will sneeze
knowing all the time that my house will fall
but still its gonna be alright
I cant get you off my mind
I cant get you off my mind
you see past me everytime
and I cant get you off my mind

See you Soon

Written By: Stoevtop

See you soon

See the lonely man with nothin to lose
his loveless life all laced with booze
a simple choice when he had to choose
to war this boy did go

three long months in a training camp
to learn how to kill and maim in style
this loveless man felt nothing move
until his final leave came around

he went on down to hapnin town
to find himself a lay
little did he know that love would show
and he’d be cupids pray

she was soft and warm and true
and filled him with glory and truth
they fell down in love in a single night
and the fates were turning their tune

she pleaded for him to break and run
to leave the fight to anothers gun
he wanted to listen but could hear no words
to turn him from decisions made

so turning with weight he walked off like freight
and stood next to his mates like stone
all went to plan till he took one step too far
and that was the last good step he took alone

and lying inn bed staring at space
where his good leg used to fill true and sure
he pulled out a pen and jotted down these words
with hi tears crashing down on the floor

you were right all along my beautiful girl
i wish i had heard your voice true
but the damage is done you were always the the one
I’ll be home in short time

see you soon

when home arrived small things had changed
the magic was hiding away some place
he tried to lay blame when he knew it was his shame
everytime he looked in his face

loathing and hatred consumed him with speed
left him with no further needs
in time things would change she stuck with his ways
and years later- in tears
they would read the letter-in tears
from the start

see you soon

Little Flower

Written By: Stovetop

Little Flowers

I will never, say it loud
i will always play in the clouds
but you will never see my tears
behind closed doors

Its a crazy, crazy day
nothing gonna go my way
but somehow the wind will find a way
to carry me right back to you
cant you see it is the truth

little flowers in the garden
will they see the light of day
with everybody stepping harder
wont you help to find a way..

keep on waiting so long
we keep drifting along
nothing left in a song
I cant see

Little flowers in the garden
will they see the light of day
with everybody stepping harder
wont you help to find a way


Debut Album-"There, There"-2004
New Album-"Now,Now"-2006

Set List

Cover me
Aint no love
Way of thev World
Get you off my mind
Minor step down
Hold on
Stay with me
See you
Hungry man
Big kev
2 sets @ 45mins or 1 set @ 1HR & 10MINS