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Guardians of Balance - Operation Clean Dirt
St Paul Slim - The Slimcase
StopHouse presents - Recession Music
Play4Brew Golden Gophers theme song



No chocolates or sugar sweet melodies, St. Paul Slim is a serious dude who could never bring to himself to candy-coat the truth. Harsh, in your face and straight up reality, Slim says it like it is while he raps about the every day situations we all face. Tired of the bullshit heard through mics east to west, Slim is on the market to bring listeners back to reality.

“I grew up in an era where hip-hop wasn’t about bling-bling,” he says. “People had nice watches, they wore gold chains, but nobody talked about it like how rappers do these days.”

Born in Chicago and raised in St. Paul, Slim entered the world of hip-hop at the prime age of ten. Focusing first on break dancing, he became a fan of the music he danced to— his biggest idol being none other than Big Daddy Kane. In Junior High, Slim performed as a rapper on stage for first time as a nervous 14 year old, and to this day he remembers that moment as the “eye opener” to his future in hip-hop.

"I remember gettin' props from the homies and all the little homegirls and thinkin' " yeah, I could get use to this."

After high school Slim enrolled in the military, spending four years in the Marines, never abandoning his desire to write raps in his free time. Out of the service and back in the Twin Cities, Slim put together his first album in collaboration with his brother, Mastermind, together as the Guardians Of Balance (G.O.B.) in 2002.

During his musical career, St. Paul Slim has been featured in multiple successful projects including, Atmosphere’s “Strictly Leakage”, Muja Messiah’s mixtape and the motion picture soundtrack of “Justice”. He has also performed with MC Lyte, Black Moon, Little Brotha, Dialated Peoples, Cee Lo Green, KRS-1, Slick Rick, Atmosphere, Brotha Ali, Freeway, Twista and D-12. He has also been a repeat performer at the Twin Cities Hip Hop Celebration as well as many other events and venues around the twin cities area.

“I’ve been making noise in the city for a long time,” he says.

A serious man by nature, Slim’s hard past is the fuel behind his career. If he raps about a gun, it’s because he’s carried one. If he raps about gang violence, it’s because he’s seen it or been a part of it.

“Life is serious. It’s not a game and I don’t like to hear people promoting the bullshit,” he says with a stern face. “I’m into anti-bullshit promotion.”

With the words “power” and “true” tattooed on his forearms, Slim is not timid about his moral. In the words of Slim: “Everything’s got a lesson to it.”

An excerpt from the Strong Words project, feat. Felix and Mastermind, 2005

“The rap game…it is what it is, make the best out of it.
Fam handle your biz but pay attention to what you teachin’ the kids.
There’s way more to life than pussy, weed and rims,
chinchilla, tim’s and the mayback binz.
Call me a hater but you a mis-educator.
Turn the city youth into material drones,
that drop out of school party and get stoned.
Whose fuckin’ side are you on and who you makin’ your music for dummy?
The label or the people?
Yeah we all came in the game to make change,
but what separates me from all the lames is I came in the game to make a change.

St Paul Slim is currently affiliated with Stop House Music Group, Soul Tools, and Titan Administration Records. He is the recipiant of three Hip Hop Awards; one for best knowledge spitter in 2008, one for best EP in 2009 for his EP debut intitled "The Slim Case;" and he also received an award for St Paul Mayor, which is an award given to those individuals who represent their city the best.

St Paul Slim is currently working on 3 projects.

St Paul Slim & Soul Toold presents:
-Bald Headed Samsun-
StopHouse music group presents:
-Resession Music-
Titan Administration Records present:
The Mighty G.O.B.