St. Phillip's Escalator

St. Phillip's Escalator


St. Phillip's Escalator is a heavy garage/blues rock band influenced greatly by such greats as Blue Cheer, The Who, Cream, and The Jimi Hendrix Experience. They are an exciting talented group whose music snarls with attitude, confidence and bombast.


Culling their sound from the rock n’ roll greats of yesteryear, St. Phillip’s Escalator have forged a trail all their own. Using the talents and power they honed in on during their years growing up together, the band came to fruition the past few years playing the club circuit extensively in Rochester, and opening for both national and international acts. Working closely with the Chesterfield Kings, the group brought their brash stage show into the studio to complete a full length LP that was released in August of 2006. Get ready; these three fuzz-laden killers are prepared to escalate the music world as we know it!

No bands at this age play garage/pyschedelic rock n' roll with such feverish ferocity.


Debut Album- Endless Trip...

"catching your back" debuted in Italy's L'Altraradio top twenty

Album "Endless Trip" debuted at number one on L'altraradio

Heavy radio support locally with 96.5WCMF, 98.9 WBZA and WITR

Set List

Typical set mix of originals and covers, usually 45 mins. to 1 hour set, can go longer.

Originals: Cross the line, If You Want To, Fading Out, Beneath My Eyes, Don't Stop Me Anymore, Leave Your Colors Behind, Catching Your Back, Tell Me More, Come See... more originals from album plus new songs
Covers: Rambling Rose (MC5), 7&7 Is (Love), Have You Seen My Baby (Flamin' Groovies), Summertime Blues (Blue Cheer), Killing Floor (Jimi Hendrix) know many more covers