Str8 Drop

Str8 Drop

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This hot new hip hop group entitled Str8 Drop will release their newest album late summer 08' followed by a soon to be booked east coast tour in the fall of 08', this group is determined to make their impact on an everchanging industry with their intense lyrics and outstanding stage repour.


From Boys to Men; brothers Hott Hedd , & Ze knew there was something special about them. Their incredible lyrical skills and masterful approach on production would soon find its way to recording cds with their music on it. As teens, Hott Hedd & Ze would soon meet their team partner, Calest who would make their trio complete. Although many have came along and many have fell short, Calest, Ze and HottHedd have stayed true to themselves and their talent. Priding themselves on allowing their lives to be portrayed in their lyrics, Str8 Drop feels as though their lyrics are as they are: REAL. In 2008, their lives would truely be changed as they would become artists with the company Mirascope Entertainment who would begin planning their official album release for late summer 2008. Much larger things are planned to start happening as they take Str8 Drop to an entirely new level. Starting on the local level and building to a national star, Str8 Drop is guarantee to leave an everlasting impression on fans, and music industry professionals alike.


City of God--RELEASE Late Summer 08'

Set List

Set 1
1. U Ride, I Ride
2. Lower the Volume
3. Im Gone
4. And I Bang
5. Chop Body Rock
6. Ride 4 Dayz
7. 20 Years

15 Minute Break

Set 2
1. Money Moulah
2. UnKut
3. Hood 2 Hood
4. Closing In
5. Spit Shit so Real
6. 2 Sick 4 Da Radio