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The best kept secret in music


Canada's Str8jackit slam an over the top playhouse full of aggressive fun in your face cum psychotropic satirical attitude & perception

"Doomed???" brings forth half time metal rap with a nice dose of funk. Nice half-step chromatics with plenty of mind altering & repressed energy

"Power Coffee" echoes influences from Faith No More , Helmet , Alice In Chains & Rage Against The Machine. It's time to get up for another sunny day

"Spank You" anime trip hop , replete with Donna Summer pillow talk on hip hop acid. Syncopated word plays like a nightmare from the street. Keep your defenses up , lest you succumb to the lower base attraction faction

"Ring It" meets porno a la fretless Bass. Derivative follow the leader Kudos to the Beasty Boys & Red Hot Chili Peppers. Let your feelings ring true. Who cares if it's iconoclastic fantastic plastic

"Nothing" flavors a nice down time with guitar chromatics. Filtered Vox & a friendly nod to POD

"Donkey Dick(Wikkid)" has some nice syncopation between the demonic screaming. One should not repress bodily functions. Time has an oblique way of transforming fear

So Alone" is a sledgehammer of sonic fury & wrath. It's a real mother for ya , said Johhny Guitar Watson. Loneliness that is. Enough to make a person scream. Nice alternative bridge that shows a faint glimpse of the expansive tendancies of Str8jackit

"Don't Stray" has the audio onslaught intact. Be careful of what you wish for

"Strap In" reminds one of a pleasant horror movie at the drive in. Whereas "Strap Out" travels a road less traveled for Str8jackit. We really likes dee dub & stuff. A nice dose

One could argue that Str8jackit are a juxtaposition of current derivative trends , but we won't go there. If you need a hard core dose of mind altering prose ; Intertwined with percussive & caustic angular guitar work & Vox enraged nihilism ; Let the psychoactive properties of Str8jackit take you on a ride to the other zone. It all depends on which vantage point you are peering out from ladies & gentleman
- United Global Artists

Str8jackit are over the top, dumb, rowdy, rude (bordering on obscene – just how we all like it) and they don’t give a fuck. This record isn’t perfect by any means; there are some dud tracks such as; ‘Face Plant’ which, although humorously introduced by a man with a Scottish accent saying; ‘Fock yoo; yoo fockin wankeh’ fails to deliver as a song. Especially when compared to the pulsing and foul funk metal of; ‘Cereal Killa’ and the stop start rhythms of; ‘Doomed’ which interchanges influences from Korn, Limp Bizkit and the Deftones without sinking to any of their levels. ‘I can jump buy my feet don’t leave the ground, I can fly, but only straight down’ is the general lyrical depth. However does the world always need emotion and ambiguous writing? I remember when music used to be fun, hormonal and testosterone fuelled. Str8jackit are all that and more.

Special mention must go to the slow, bass driven song; ‘Ring It’ with lyrics such as; ‘I’m gonna kill you dead for that shit you said, but what ya gonna do?’ & ‘I’ve got your g/f strapped to my bed, fucker…so what ya gonna do?’ It is not only unbelievably catchy and disturbingly funny but any band that can incorporate the line: ‘Satanic masturbation is my full time occupation’ deserves a bottle of scotch and a free bottle of lotion. The metallic, powerful fury of; ‘Invincible’ is a mix of incendiary guitars and moody alternative metal. Whereas; ‘Donkey Dick’ is gangster rap/rock with a hint of Papa Roach and the lyrical style of Bionic Jive fused with The Bloodhound Gang. ‘So Close’ is a little reminiscent of early Slipknot but the sampling and effects throughout this record are creative enough to take you on an insane ride, albeit a bumpy one.

‘This Life’ represents their more introspective; perhaps even philosophical side as they explore just why they wouldn’t give a fuck if the lived or died. Unfortunately it doesn’t really evolve into anything in its 2 minutes and therefore disappoints with repetitiveness. ‘Nothing’ shows a little more seriousness emerging at the end of the record - with a far more sober alternative metal feel. Which will either round up the record nicely or feel like a detraction from the album’s main styles – all depending on what you felt about the majority of the songs.

Str8jackit are not going to change the world, or the face of music. However there is something excruciatingly charming about their obscene, abusive and sonic rock style; that will see you returning over and over again for a dose of their patented ‘I don’t give a fuck attitude’.
- State Of Emergency


July 2004 - Puttin' the ass in Class
Dec 2002 - Donkey Child Pt. 2

NSX 7 - Extreme sports Video
Outta Hand - Extreme Video "Jackass style"
C.H.W - Movie Soundtrack

We are currently played on many streaming radio stations and tradtional radio as well.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Energy, Sex, Love, Hate, Disorder, Hope, Raw Emotion.

These are the elements making up the intense force of Str8jackit. This hard rock 4 piece is blending aggressive beats and guitars with distinctive melodies, funky styling and hardcore grooves for an overall head bashing, kick-in-the-pants experience.

Str8jackit’s music has been described as “a nuclear assault to anyone within earshot”, “organized chaos”, “sick funk” and other such references yet no one has been able to pinpoint their sound. Their diversity makes them stand apart from most other hard rock acts simply because they can combine and melt all styles without ever confusing or losing the listeners ears. Whether it’s straight up rock, hard rock, metal, hip-hop, techno or even reggae, it is without a doubt, Str8jackit. By not conforming (or even paying attention) to specific trends or flavors of the week, they give you honest music from the gut with a “don’t give an f&$k attitude” which in the end is what music should be about.

"I idolized bands like the Beastie Boys, Chili Peppers, Faith No More, Sublime, 311, Rage Against the Machine growing up. They did whatever they wanted album to album, borrowing a little from everything and throwing it in a blender to create their own niche in music history" proclaims J.King, band founder and leader. "Not to say Str8jackit is on that (nearly impossible) level of achievement, but I definitely want to take this band in that kind of direction. Fu@# the rules, we must brake them to move forward in this industry of clones and copycats." After a couple of demos, St8jackit released their first full length album, Donkey Child Pt. 2 in December 2002 on Railjaw Records. An aggressive interbreeding of funk, hip-hop, rock and metal, Donkey Child resembled a bloody death match between Pantera, Eminem, System of a Down, Snot and the House of Pain. Their brand new release “Puttin’ the ass in Class” was released August 2004. “Ass in Class” showcases Str8jackit’s diversity throughout with songs heavier and lighter. A hook laden rollercoaster ride interlaced with their signature funky, heavy style accompanied with acoustic guitars, pianos, cellos, and clever sampling, this album is a must have. Through local shows, radio, some soundtracks and compilations, X-Games videos, underground “Jackass” style videos, word of mouth and the internet, Str8jackit has sold over 1800 copies worldwide.

The band has been recently negotiating with distribution companies worldwide to help push their two albums. Playing the local Vancouver scene since 2001, the pioneers of the sick funk have been building up an impressive following and live show. With one western tour to L. A. and back under their belts, these boys are well on their way to big things.