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Str8 Like Dat

Joliet, Illinois, United States

Joliet, Illinois, United States
Hip Hop EDM


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Hey…so, remember the group SLD, I saw perform over the weekend (see post). Well, before the actual show, I got a chance to chat with Einstein & Vandal about their individual styles, how they came together as a group, and experiences they have had in the music industry.

This twenty-something duo is pretty cool. Peep the interview. I def had a good time chatting with them. - Y.S. Mag

"Young Joliet men taking their rapper dreams seriously"

JOLIET — In 2008, two Joliet young men, Andrew “Einstein” Wermer, now 19, and Brandon “Vandal” Montgomery, now 20, began writing and recording rap music in Wermer’s bedroom with his computer microphone, songs that, at the time, they considered masterpieces.
“It was the worse-sounding stuff and it had terrible quality,” said Wermer, a Joliet Junior College music production student.
Montgomery added, “We thought we were great at the time, but we were really horrible.”

Eventually, Wermer’s mother, Judi Wermer, bought them a condenser microphone and they began producing higher-quality material. Last year, the duo posted “The
Joker” on YouTube, and the song took off. It’s now at nearly 10,000 views.
“That was almost a year ago,” Wermer said. “We’re not looking back.”
It’s been a busy past year. They’ve not only played at local clubs, including Live 59 in Plainfield and Mojoes in Joliet, they’ve toured colleges in Alabama where
they’ve performed to an enthusiastic reception.
Wermer and Montgomery recently signed with Toxic Productions (, which had also signed Ryan Argast of Plainfield. They are preparing for another video shoot, this time in Chicago. They consider these accomplishments only the beginning.
“Brandon and I promised each other that we wouldn’t retire until we’re on 106 in Park on BET,” Wermer said. “That’s our ultimate goal. We never turn down a show.” Montgomery added, “That’s when we’ll know we’ve made it.”

Here’s how they met. Wermer ran a dance crew and while seeking new members, Montgomery auditioned for it. When Wermer and Montgomery shared musical interests, Wermer started rapping some of his material for Montgomery. The two formed an instant connection and decided to rap together. As they spent more time rapping. Wermer and Montgomery developed an uncanny ability to complete each other’s lines. One initiated the composing; the other picked it up and carried it along.

They have nonnegotiable standards for the music they produce. It must have a storyline or message, preferably with punch lines and metaphors. And if it doesn’t have a message, then it has to be fun. Bottom line: They keep it clean. Montgomery said, “We don’t have any music with cussing but the music is still good party music.” Wermer added, “When it’s clean, you have a broader audience. Younger kids listen to it. A lot of our friends have said, ‘Our moms and dads listen to your music.’”

For more information, visit or Str8 Like Dat (SLD) on Facebook. - Denise Baran-Unland For The Herald-News


Still working on that hot first release.



Str8 Like Dat is a rap duo coming out of Chicago/Joliet, IL. Andrew "Einstein" Wermer and Brandon "Vandal" Montgomery make up the dynamic duo, and have been recording/performing together since late-2008. During Einstein's Sophomore year and Vandal's Junior year in High School, while sharing the same Chemistry class, they both realized that they had the same passion for music. There was an instant connection between the two young artists. Since that day, they've gone from recording remixes to their favorite artist’s songs with a computer microphone, to performing at out-of-state colleges across America. It’s safe to say that every artist has their roots, and for SLD, it’s no different.

Brandon Montgomery p.k.a. "Vandal" is currently 20 years old and is from Joliet, IL. Vandal grew up listening to names such as 2Pac, KanYe West and Slick Rick. Names like these were early influences behind Vandal's love for music. This love for music persuaded him to begin rapping as early as 5th grade. Vandal’s unique style today shadows his all-time favorite artists; from the cockiness of KanYe, the griminess of Tupac Shakur, and the word-play/storytelling of Slick Rick the Ruler.

Andrew Wermer p.k.a. "Einstein" is currently 20 years old and is from Joliet, IL. Einstein began writing poetry in 5th grade, and brought over the love for poetry into songwriting/rapping in 7th grade. Einstein listened to southern-based rap/hip-hop in the early stages of his career, and his main influence in music was Chamillionaire. The Houston/Dallas swagger is still distinctively present in Einstein’s style; from multi-syllable fast-rapping, to the clever ‘how did he come up with that?’ metaphors and word-play.

What makes this partnership so unique is their ability to adjust and add their original styles to the always-changing world of music. Both Einstein and Vandal have crafted they’re own styles to suit one another, and bring mayhem to their records. Over the course of they’re young careers, they’ve had many accomplishments; from working with Chicago-based super-producer Toxic, performing at colleges/frat parties across the U.S., headlining sold out shows locally (Joliet/Chicago), having their single “Dial Tone” on iTunes/Amazon/etc., becoming a Top 10 Finalist for WGCI’s Big Jam 2012, being featured in newspaper articles and magazines, and much more.

One thing that’s always been kept in the back of their minds is the verbal agreement they made with each other back in 2009. Einstein and Vandal made an agreement that they would never give up on music until they were sitting on the coach of 106 & Park. Since that day of agreement, it's safe to say that even after 106 & Park, they'll never quit. In the future, SLD plans on continuing to tour across America, taking over radio play, and purchasing their mothers dream houses.