Str8 Outta Compton
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Str8 Outta Compton

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KEBOE, All About Da Scratch, Foot N Da Game Entertainment

KEBOE & BIG 2 DA BOY, Biznis Men, Money & Politics, Foot N Da Game Entertainment

HARDHEAD, Hood Ties, HardHead Productions, L.A.P. Records

WIZ PROPANE, A Dolla And A Dream Mixtape, Burris Avenue Entertainment




Big Keboe
Big Keboe a/k/a Da Hefe was born and raised in the streets of Compton CA, home of Eric "Eazy E" Wright, NWA, CMW, King T, Mix Master Spade and a number of other successful people. The “HubCity Hefe” has been professionally recording his music since 2002. Keboe has performed in numerous places around the country including the House of Blues (downtown Disney), Shark Bar in Tucson, AZ, the Airliner (downtown Los Angeles, CA). He has opened up for DJ Quik, Too Short and many others. In 2004, he launched his own independent label called FootNDaGame Entertainment (fndgenterprisesinc). In 2006, his first album dropped entitled All About Da Scratch. In the same year Keboe collaborated with MC Eiht on the Compton’s Most Wanted Album. And then he came right back at them with his third album Biznis Men and is currently executive producing the Str8 Outta Compton Album: A Tribute To Eazy E. In a nutshell, The Hefe is ahead of his game for the long run in “8star Mogul Mode”.

Born January 22, in Los Angeles, CA and currently residing in Moreno Valley, CA, Da’shon Jeter, has a unique rare flow that empowers and captivates crowds, at the same time unleashing emotions that merge fluidly with his music. He is a consummate, dynamic and creative lyricist who has 15 years invested in procuring and cultivating his music and talents. He is an unusually versatile person, enabling him to easily adapt and flow with any sound. And, although not a stranger to a hectic lifestyle, he has discovered that in his endeavor to become a Rap Artist, life has not always been smooth riding. In fact, he has hit a few bumps along the way, but his steadfast sense of direction and determination has actually aided in keeping his dream alive. Da’shon is a man who epitomizes the drive and inventiveness of his group, insuring its life and its future.

Wiz Propane
Hailing from Compton, CA, it’s Wiz Propane. Born Maurice Blake in 1982, Wiz Propane started writing lyrics at the tender age of 11. In his sixth grade class, while some students were acting unruly and others were studying for upcoming test, Wiz Propane began rapping to beats of his classmates beating on the desk. He formed a group with one of his classmates called Double Trouble. Determined to make his mark in the hip hop game, Double Trouble recorded a demo tape that was supposedly going to be placed in the hands of Dr. Dre. Unfortunately, he never heard anything from the demo tape and subsequently Double Trouble fizzled out. Wiz Propane put down the pen yet still knew he would return pick it up again one day. As the years went by, Wiz Propane kept rapping but it turned into a hobby. Free styling became his new thing since he wasn’t taking it serious at this point. He and his friends would battle almost every week to showcase their skills. It was at this time that people really started to take notice of his clever word play and smooth delivery, but Wiz Propane (at this time known as Rece) shunned the notion of people telling him he should rap. It wasn’t until his senior year in high school when Wiz Propane finally picked the pen back up. Wiz Propane, through mutual friends, connected with three other rappers named, Mic Knight, Mr. Tone, and Cheese to form a four man group called the Hard Hittaz (his name started as Wiz Kid). Due to business situations they became a three man group cutting their business ties with Cheese with no love lost. After six years of rhyming with the group, two underground albums, numerous shows, and a fast growing underground buzz, Wiz Propane has decided to try the solo thing for the first time. Wiz Propane is still definitely, a part of Compton Hard Hittaz but the streets are anticipating what he will do as a solo artist. Some feel that Wiz Propane’s style is not the authentic west coast sound that people are used to, while most feel that he offers something new and fresh which is what is needed in the rap game right now. He has his own independent label, C.R.E.A.M.M., Inc. that is in motion as well as his support group Burris Ave Entertainment and “The Campane”. With his unique style, witty word play, and captivating delivery, Wiz Propane is sure to take the world on a fascinating musical journey.

Pooka Dook
The Original Pooka Dook along with Showtyme Productionz, an independent label from Compton, CA, brought up in the Church so of course music has always played an important part in my life. I grew up listening to the “Old School” artists and that is why my “swag” is so unique, “hoodful” & soulful. I write my own music. I am the truth in the booth & hold nothing back. I have been in & out of different groups & finally God has favored me to be a solo artist, "Thank U Jesus!!!" I have worked with several well-known producers & artists from all over throughout my career, including from the west coast, Ghetto Rich, Lil Major, Big 2da Boy, Big Keboe, Frenchii, Tuc, Elmo, Young Ace Da Heartthrob and Timtation.