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Straight Outta Junior High

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States | SELF

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States | SELF
Band Rock Punk


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"‘Sharknocerous’ ready to charge fans of Straight Outta Junior High"

Straight Outta Junior High is going to unleash the “Sharknocerous.”

What is a Sharknocerous, you ask? It’s the name of the local pop-punk group’s new album.

It’s also a goofy combination between a shark and rhinoceros that lead singer Nate Olson’s friend invented.

“It was the scariest animal he could think of. There’s nothing more terrifying than that,” Olson said. “It can swim and go on land. Apparently it can fly and shoot lasers out of its eyes, too. It’s pretty much the scariest killing machine around.”

On Friday, the band will be playing all the songs from the new album as well as some old favorites. “Sharknocerous” is the fifth album from the band, which has been going strong for nine years.

Olson said the new material is a little different but still fits with the band’s usual punk-pop sound.

While band members are getting a little older, Olson said they still get into the music.

“I feel like an old man a lot of times,” Olson said. “Kids in high school are still coming out to see me. I’m 31. I own a house. And I’m up (on stage) acting like a jackass. But, it’s all right. It’s still fun.”

The CD will be available at the show for $10. It’s also for sale at Homer’s and through iTunes and

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Straight Outta Junior High is probably the best band in the world. Their talent for making music is surpassed only by their talent for making new fans. Along with being sexy as hell, SOJH gives 110 percent at each show and goes the extra mile afterward. SOJH has a brand new album entitled “Sharknocerous.” A Sharknocerous is the most fearsome creature ever imagined, just as SOJH is probably the most fearsome band to ever grace a stage. The album sticks to what SOJH fans like the best, humorous songs with catchy hooks and sweet riffs. “Sharknocerous” is the 5th album from SOJH, following successful albums such as Mongoloid Monarchy, Kiss of Deaf, and the cult favorite “Ray of Hope…” Straight Outta Junior High formed in April of 2000 and has been playing and touring the country with their brilliant, catchy, and humorous songs since then. SOJH has headlined shows from Minnesota to Texas and played shows from California to Florida. Pick a state and SOJH has played there. SOJH has made many bands feel inferior by playing with them, such as Sum 41, MXPX, Bayside, Zebrahead, Lit, Alkaline Trio,The Riddlin Kids, Allister, Plain White T’s, and many more. SOJH has also been invited to play many Warped Tour dates. The career highlight for SOJH may have come in 2003, when SOJH won the Ernie Ball battle of the bands thanks to fan voting. The band received free instruments and a show at the Key Club in Hollywood. After all Straight Outta Junior High has accomplished it’s hard to stay humble, but somehow SOJH manages to do that as well. SOJH plans to stay awesome, spend most of their time touring playing for their friends and fans all across the country.

But seriously, SOJH is probably not the best band in the world. That’s a little bit of an exaggeration. SOJH has played tons of shows with all these bands and sold a lot of records on our own. We’ve gone through four vans and been a lot of places. Our guitar player quit a while ago. So we wrote a bunch of songs and recorded an album without him. Now we have a new guitar player, a new van, and a new album. Lots of kids like us, that part is true too.

We are going to stay humble and awesome at the same time. We really don’t have rock star attitudes. If you bothered to read our bio this far you may realize that now. If not you’d think we are a bunch of pretentious self-serving assholes from our over-the-top band bio. Most likely you didn’t read anything at all. Oh well. I try to make these things interesting but that’s nearly impossible. Thanks for wasting your time.