Straight-Razor Stalemate

Straight-Razor Stalemate


We're a red-dirt punkabilly band. That's the easiest way to explain us. Otherwise, we're fairly unclassifiable. Yeah, we could be considered punk, but we're not afraid to flout punk standards. Our music is infectious and hooky. You'll be humming our tunes long after your done hearing them.


Once upon a time, Sam Hamilton had a band. That band was tragically killed in a freak rhinoceros attack. (or they quit, sometimes these things are a little fuzzy)

The details are unimportant, the point is that he needed a band, or he would explode from the sheer buildup of nervous energy that ran through him.

He called on his cousin Joel, from the stinking cesspool that is the San Fernando Valley. He handed him a bass, and it was good.

However, they were missing a crucial element, a drummer. They lamented, because all the drummers in their area were either unreliable, pretentious, or both.

Suddenly, their cousin from the untamed wild hills of Missouri came crashing down to Tulsa in his 666-wheeled hellmobile!!! (Or a Honda with a broken windshield. Again, details are unimporant.)

Together, they made Straight-Razor Stalemate. All of them, gifted with pure passion and energy, proceeded to rock the universe with their soul-scorching, yet infectiously melodic, music from the sleaziest corners of Tulsa Oklahoma.

Their influences run the gamut from The Dead Kennedys and Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, to Nirvana and Tool, to Hank Williams and Johnny Cash.

They may consider themselves punk, yet they're always willing to flout the genres standards in order to best corrupt our nation's youth.

They've played with pivotal bands such as, Brutally Frank, The Decomposed, The Itch, Sasquatch and the Sickabillies, KTP, and many others.

They are quite amicable, as it makes it easier to make innocent youths feel safe in order to tempt them with their infectious aural sin.

Sx-Rx Sx is a band that will turn you upside-down and make you scream, Yes! Yes! Yes!


Demolution: The Unmastered Collection
1. STAMPEDE! 2:54 (Played on the Hellbilly Wreckhouse Podcast)
2. Kind-Hearted 3:08
3. Green Country, Red Track 3:34 (Played on the Hellbilly Wreckhouse Podcast. Also the official theme song of the Green Country Roller Girls.)
4. Victory or Death 2:57

Set List

2. Hitman's Dirge
3.The Baron
4. Murder, Murder, Death, Sex, Violence, and Guns
5. Crime Spree, My Baby, and Me
6. Break-a-Face
7. 1945 (Social Distortion Cover)
8. A Song For Your Ex
9. It Really Hurt My Feelings When You Hit Me On The Back Of The Head With A Baseball Bat
10. Eleanor Rigby (Beatles Cover)
11. Green Country, Red Track
12. Baby, You're In Love With A Killer
13. Victory or Death
14. Zatoichi

Our set is usually about 45 min to an hour long.