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"Award Winning Band"


Oklahoma City, OK
- Indie Tracker Magazine and New Artist Radio

"CD Review of Have You Heard Straight Shooter"

Artist- Straight Shooter
Genre- Country
Style- Country-Rock, Rock & Roll, Country Blues, Blues-Rock
Formed in July of 1996, Straight Shooter has performed at local clubs and restaraunts in the Oklahoma City Area. They have put on shows at multiple festivals all over the State of Oklahoma. They have also played at political rallies and take special interest in performing for private parties. One of the greatest gigs was when the band played at The Oklahoma Country Music Association.
Bud Kurtz, who plays lead guitar as well as lead vocals, started writing songs and started playing them at all of their gigs, with great response. Bud Kurtz is joined by, Mike Duggins who shares lead vocals plays guitars and keyboards, Jim Duggins shares the duty of lead guitar and backup vocals, Tom Lindenstruth is found on bass as well as sharing duty on backup vocals, rounding out the group is David Ingram on drums.
Straight Shooter decided to start a recording project which they finished in December 1999, "Have You Heard Straight Shooter ??". They have and continue to receive airplay from the CD all over Europe, Australia and the United States. Straight Shooter has been awarded best country band in Oklahoma for the year 2000 by the Oklahoma Country Music Association. They have been nominated for many awards including The Online Country Music Award which was given in October 2000. They have also been nominated by Indie Tracker Magazine for best country band/group of the year 2000, as well as best album of the year. Bud Kurtz was nominated for best male vocalist of the year 2000.
Straight Shooter incorporates many influences into their music, but they believe that their music is original and most importantly fun. The "Beer Song" from "Have You Heard Straight Shooter ??" seems to be the most requested song from their repetoire. It is also the song that fans wanted in a recorded format the most. The band had three separate individuals offer to pay all expenses for recording of the CD, just to get a copy of the "Beer Song". A true "party" song, the "Beer Song" could be the key that gets the attention Straight Shooter has been aiming at. ~Larry Belanger (AMG)

Track 1- The Beer Song
Straight forward country music with a shoot from the hip depth is the best way to describe this catchy tune. The vocals are ace and the lyrics contain a great message that is sure to appeal to the beer drinking country fan. The hot licks from the lead guitar add a bit more spice to the mix, not that it was needed, but still a welcome addition. ( ! ! ! ! ! )

Track 2- Walking Her Home
The intro guitar riffs sound like some southern rock riffs from Marshall Tucker. The tune is strong in the Rock & Roll vein with a steady upbeat rhythm. The vocals have a solid southern flavor. The guitar work is very impressive with some lightning fast chops using melodic phrasings. ( ! ! ! ! ! )

Track 3- Let's Make Love
The groove on this tune is very soulful with a slow waltz beat. The guitar accents lend the tune depth and color via some beautiful blues riffs. The vocals have a deep rich quality, with a melodic essence and exemplary range. Solid song structure and well written meaningful lyrics complete a masterful blend. ( ! ! ! ! ! )

Track 4- Lonely Girl
Well written lyrics that have depth are a key attraction on this tune. The vocal quality is ace as usual and even seems a bit more powerful on this tune. The guitar work shows some very creative crafting with the use of many accents with an expert blend that colors the tune beautifully. ( ! ! ! ! ! )

Track 5- Bring It On Home
This tune written by Sam Cooke is dedicated by Straight Shooter to the man. This cover carries very much the same intensity as the original, with the exception of having a stronger country feel. The guitar work is well worth the attention of those looking for some super lead guitar with some smoking chops. ( ! ! ! ! ! )

Track 6- Wine Wine
This tune by Jerry Lee Lewis is a dedication to the writer by Straight Shooter. The only thing lacking in this tune is the piano work from the master, but with the outstanding lead guitar work one may just overlook the exemption. An excellent choice for the band to display their ability on cover tunes. This tune certainly shivers the timbers with some solid rockin' and rollin'. ( ! ! ! ! ! )

Track 7- Crying
Bud Kurtz, who has written every song with the exception of the covers, shows a huge talent in the songwriting department. His ability to showcase the tunes is also amazing, this artist is one that should go far in the music world. This tune is another fine example of his work with a melody that is contagious and lyrics that grab the listeners attention. ( ! ! ! ! ! )

Track 8- Sunset Serenade
This tune has a powerful country groove with some extraordinary vocal depth. The guitar work again is very well crafted with a melodic presence. The presentation is so masterfully done that one has to wonder why this band isn't on the circuit touring internationally. ( ! ! ! ! ! )

Track 9- Cowboy Rule
This tune features Mike Duggins on lead vocals which adds some variety to the mix. The harmony vocals used for an accent on this tune works well. The originality factor that makes the tune so charismatic is the great blend of melodic guitar work and bright vocals strengthened by the solid rhythm section. ( ! ! ! ! ! )

Track 10- Lonely Mind
This slow tune closes the album with a nice flair, displaying once again Bud Kurtz's unique and appealing vocals. The equally amazing lead guitar work displayed on this tune, make this another memorable and intricate part of this album, that will be a treasured part of any country fan's library. All that acquire this CD will be waiting anxiously for the next release coming soon from Straight Shooter. Now, all can say they have heard Straight Shooter and "them boys sure can play".
( ! ! ! ! ! )

Larry's overall impression-

Straight Shooter's are a very tight country band that slide into the genre of Rock & Roll and Blues with ease and elegance. They have an amazing songwriter within their ranks, Bud Kurtz. Bud Kurtz is aided in his mission by the best musicians he could wish to have representing his music. The rhythm section is always right on beat, adding only accents at precise times while maintaining an increasing drive when needed. The guitar work, both lead and rhythm, is some of the best that one could hope to hear in any genre, not just country. The label that signs this Indie band has added a winner to their ranks with the acquisition of Straight Shooter.

- Downeast Records and CD Review

"CD Review of Have You Heard Straight Shooter"


I've been listening to a new CD today, and I was a little taken aback by what I heard. First, let me just say -- Straight Shooter is one terrific band!! I enjoyed every minute of time I've spent listening to this one! I guess the reason I say I was "taken aback" is because after reading their bio and hearing them referred to as "new age country" (we all KNOW how I feel about THAT label - what the HECK is new age country?), I figured I was gonna be
hearing something quite different from what I heard. (I'm not exactly sure what that would have been, either!) Instead, what I heard was a great country band, not totally unlike many other great country bands I've heard in the past. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm NOT saying they're "cookie cutter", 'cause they aren't! No way! They're very much their own band, with a different and distinctive sound that makes them STRAIGHT SHOOTER. But "new age"? I'd say they are closer to being reminiscent of a time gone by! I hear lots of "50's" in their music. And yep, that's a GOOD thing.
This band is strong vocally, as well as instrumentally. Love that bass! This album is well produced, too. I guess if I had any complaints at all, it would be in the lineup of the tracks. I might not have put "CRYING" and "SUNSET SERENADE" right against each other, with so much cryyyying goin' on. (smile) The humor they inject into the album, with songs like "THE BEER SONG" and "WINE WINE", are welcome breathers from the melancholy, soul searching sounds of "LET'S MAKE LOVE" and "LONELY GIRL". Both beautiful, by the way and listen closely to "LET'S MAKE LOVE", and you tell ME who that guy reminds
you of.

Bud Kurtz has such a mellow, and even "vintage" sound that takes me back to.well.just BACK! And the instrumental work of the rest of the band-Jim and Mike Duggins on lead guitar and rhythm guitar, respectively; Tom Lindenstruth, Bass; and Dave Ingram on drums-is, as I said before, tremendous, a real treat to the ear! Bud wrote all the songs on the album,
with the exception of "BRING IT ON HOME", written by and dedicated to, Sam Cooke, and "WINE WINE" written by and again, dedicated to its author, Jerry Lee Lewis.

STRAIGHT SHOOTER is a band I'll be listening to a lot. And I'll be watching for their next CD. They say it was their fans that really talked them into recording this one (these guys are club performers who'd never cut an album). Three complete strangers, but obvious fans, even offered to pay for the studio time, if they'd cut some of the songs they perform on-stage. Now THAT'S a fan! And I have to say THANKS to those fans! And you will too, when you check out their website at and sample some of their tunes. You can also purchase the CD there, and it may be in record stores by the time of this writing. They aren't getting much media attention in the states (so what's new, huh?), but in Europe they're kickin' butt! They're definitely holding their own on the indie charts over there.

A lot of great talent has come to us out of Oklahoma, and STRAIGHT SHOOTER is no exception. But don't expect to turn on your radio and actually hear them blasting through your speakers. As usual, you'll have to travel to Europe for that pleasure. The exception to that situation, is that now, thanks to some very enterprising and smart DJ's who actually play the music they LIKE, are starting up webcast radio stations all over the net, and they ARE playing the indies! (Side note: expect to see an article here, about those web radio stations, in the near future!) This band has received tons of awards, both in Europe and in Oklahoma,
have been and continue to be, on the European indie charts, and have been asked to tour Europe in the near future. Meanwhile they are staying very busy with the gigging they do over here (and of course, all have "real jobs", while they work hard on building their music careers). They play to sell-out crowds, returning to Doc Severenson's CIMARRRON club every few months. as well as opening for various acts and doing club dates around the Oklahoma area.

I highly recommend this CD, "HAVE YOU HEARD STRAIGHT SHOOTER", to all you country fans out there, and maybe especially, to those of you who crave a bit of 50's rock-n-roll, thrown into the mix. "Country"? "Rock-n-roll"? "New Age"? Hey, call it whatever you want. I call it GREAT MUSIC!!!

- Linda Fryer "Country Fried News"


Have You Heard Straight Shooter, have recieved airplay all over the USA and overseas, The Beer Song and Lets Make Love were number 1 songs on New Artist Radio



Straight Shooter, a country band from Oklahoma was formed in July 1996 by Jim and Mike Duggins. They have played all over Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas at numerous clubs, festivals and events.They were selected to play at opening night 2006 in Oklahoma City. For most of the past year you could see them on stage every Saturday night at the Cimarron the show club built by Doc Severenson. The band has shared the stage with Confederate Railroad and Ricochet.

The band consists of some pretty impressive musicians in their own right, Jim and Mike Duggins have been playing music since they were old enough to stand, and have deep musical roots, being, they are related to great music stars, Conway Twitty, Bud Kurtz has played with members of ZZ Top and other well known musicians in the Dallas Texas area, Mike Munhollon has played behind many well know country artists, Charlie Hutson has been a DJ for KEBC and has drummed for many bands through the years.
The band has a CD " Have you heard Straight Shooter ". The CD dubbed, new- age country, a cross between "The Eagles" and The Statler Brothers is on the charts in England, Australia, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Antarctica, The Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium to name a few. The band has been nominated for various awards in the year 2000, from being named artist of the week in The Netherlands and having cd of the week in The Netherlands to winning the online country music award for best country band/group of the year 2000 overseas to being named country band of the year 2000 by The Oklahoma Country Music Association, New Artist Radio, "Country Group of the year" for 2002, the band is no run of the mill ordinary band. Disc Jockeys who have heard the cd have been impressed but most play-lists re corporately controlled and this is a local band. One Norman Talk show host has been playing some cuts from the CD and Al Escbach plays the Beer Song from time to time but that's about it. . Just recently the band is being noticed in the US. They have been featured on Twang Town USA out of Nashville, Nitewolf Radio in Wisconsin and Music Spotlight in California. The cd has received rave reviews from Linda Fryer, BMI and songwriter, Downeast Records and Deborah Minters, Australia.

"It is amazing how hard it is to get something played if you are not with a big label." The songs are solid and there are more in the box waiting to be released. Cuts from the CD go over so well with live crowds that one local bar has said that Straight Shooter is the most played CD on the juke box.

It all got started when the band played a few cuts written by singer / songwriter Bud at a live gig last year Three different people the band had never met offered to pay for the studio time if they would record their music. One song " the Beer Song" a story about a group of guys who just came to drink beer is a particular favorite.

"We have done interviews with radio stations playing our stuff all over Europe but we are basically unknown here in the US. "The Oklahoma Country Music Association has asked them to be their house band too and want them to back up other talented Oklahoma bands. "Some of us have played with or behind some big name people so it should come as no surprise that we can play". At a recent concert in Noble for around 2000 people the band played 5 songs not even on their play list including one, they had never done before.

In the near future the band intends to keep gigging and they have been approached about doing a European tour. This WINTER they will be releasing their new cd "Shake Your Country". We would like to pick up some gigs as a warm up act for some bigger acts. That way we could get the exposure we need to attract a CD deal with a major label. In the meantime we are writing new stuff and staying busy. We all have careers during the day but our real love is music. "

The band consists of:

Jim Duggins has a degree in pharmacy from SWOSU. He plays lead guitar and sings back up

Mike Duggins is a medical technician and plays acoustic guitar, keyboards and sings lead

Charlie Hutson plays drums and percussion

Mike Munhollon is a marketing specialist in investments.
and plays bass and sings back up

Bud Kurtz is a professor at OCU and sings lead and plays guitar and mandolin

They have also pledged to donate some of the proceeds from their CD sales to neonatal care. One of the members of the band had twins in the neonatal unit at Baptist a few years ago. During the show he flips picks to kids in the crowd. Straight Shooter is always willing to pose for pictures or sign a copy of their CD. After each show they shake each other's hands and say goodnight after a rendition of Happy Trails. They are a new age country band looking for their big break but in the meantime they are a bunch of good old boys who care about people.