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How can twisted, wicked rap be so upbeat? Is it the swingy and pulsating beats, which are fused with sampling, live instruments and synthesizers? Is it the acrobatic rhyme schemes and experimental lyrical flows? Whatever it is, it is wicked, catchy and fun -- all at the same time!


Straiht Wikid Who? Straiht Wikid Crew. Upbeat, catchy and fun hip hop, with a dose of wickedness.

Jason Fladlien, he is the head of the crew. Some call him Mr. Mactacular while his brothers and sisters merely say Flad. You see him on stage, a one man army, mic as a weapon, insane flows, poetry and prose used as bullets to be fired at your mullet.

Behind him is his following, an integral part in the maniacal rap mechanism that is Straiht Wikid Crew. This may very well be the only group whose following is included in the name. But you can't ignore the cult like mentality of those backing this rapping madman. But how did this happen?

Flad went on a vision quest because he was fed up. Society, religion, love life, authority, take your pick. Struggling just to maintain, he found actual bliss through Hare Krsna. He renounced the world and become a monk. Well, what the hell is he doing rapping then?

Don't get it twisted. Flad is the spiritual lyrical miracle. He may meditate before sunrise, and he may follow some strict regulations when it comes to diet, sex, intoxication and other hoopla. But he's just as quick to fire a dope rhyme scheme like Columbo solving a murder at a crime scene. Why?

The essence of life isn't in the rules and regulations. It is making the most of the moment based on where you're coming from. Coming from a twisted little factory town from Iowa is going to have an effect on a young lad's mind, Hare Krsna monk or not. Why not embrace it?

And from that you have the care free nature that oozes from Flad, which is translated into verse and beat form. From that comes renditions of old Al Hitchcock's theme song, complete with a lyrical plot twist that Hitchcock himself would be proud of. The song "Get on Down to the Beat" has been described as "equal parts Beastie Boys, Bare Naked Ladies and (post-Talking Heads era) David Byrne" by Recording magazine. What does that mean? I don't know but it works!

Does it make sense? Will it make dollars? Who knows, who cares, it's the Straiht Wikid Crew!

Jason Fladlien can be reached at, or at 563-571-2131. Visit for more info.


Get on Down to the Beat

Written By: Straiht Wikid Crew

well I'm better than some, not as bad as others/
taking life slowly like a passionate lover/
when my numbers up I won't ask for another/
I'm just passing my time away til my casket is covered.../

Well hello, I'm the cat you don't know/
I like to keep the track simple just so I can let go/
I like the tempo where it is I play the business for show/
and I can tell you this, there's a lot I don't know/
(like what?) like the fact I ain't your average mack/
I'm not the brightest head of lettuce in the cabbage patch/
I treat a lady like I think a lady needs to be treated/
until she plays me like michael when she tells me to beat it/
and so I slide, I rise up early at 5/
I grab my beads and chant a round I found the sound is the vibe/
(you say the sound is the vibe?) I find the vibe is the sound/
we do it like broken elevators, baby get down/
and we groove with the best of 'em, the smoothest specimen/
we leave 'em oozin estrogen and if they ever test this pen/
I guess they need to guess again/
the lesson for you lesser men is if you're flexin then I'll have to kill your next of kin/
we're kidding, this is just an act/
cause for whatever reason that's how they do it in rap/
but music is my life, so I'm cool with that/
I just spit on a track act a fool and relax the fact is.../


We goin' keep this movement a movin/
we goin make thtis music so soothin/
peep this groove and keep on your groovin/
get up out of your seat/
they can't break us so just remember/
keep on fighting, never surrender/
always know that you have a friend who/
can get on down to the beat/

so here we go into a new scenario/
the heart is in the speakers and the brain is the stereo/
this merry go round will only spin for a while/
then the record and the needle become feeble but while.../
the table is still work I'm a work it like this/
I'm gonna search through all this world for the person that fits/
into my love life, and if I find she doesn't exist/
I won't get pissed, I'll never say that life is a.../
I keep on keeping up the upkeep to keep up/
I'm seeking out the ones who love and hate I'll never speak of/
I'm seeing some of yall know what I mean/
all the dreams I have are seated in my memories defeating all my enemies/
(like who?) like the fools I used to know from school/
who said that I would never make it but I know that's not true/
I paid my dues I'll tell you straight up, I live with my pops/
in a two room apartment by the pawn shop but I'm groovin non stop/
(you smooth son drop it with a smile!)/
right off the top know plans I just freestyle it/
cause who can predict if we'll be hear tomorrow I'm repping 22 years and not a tear of sorrow



One time, then I'm out this piece/
I just want to say peace out from the mouth of the beast/
you heard it first, this beauty is like the movies you've seen/
that made you stop and question life and ask is this all a dream?/
(well is it?) I don't know I play it slow and I'm gifted/
I sit and listen for the missing link and think the position is twisted/
if all my wishes are wasted on tasting the dishes of life/
then that's alright, cause that was my decision right?/
(mine too!) I gots to keep the rhyme true/
to who I am I gotta hand it to my man drizzle drew/
and to the straiht wikid crew, warrior prince convinced me/
to keep rocking mics til I'm 160 years old/
and if I fronted a bit, and said I wanted to quit/
then I was under the impression that I wasn't the shhhh.../
and when I come to my wits I'm gonna come up with hits/
so get to get to get to get on down to this


Straiht Wikid Crew has radio edits and instrumentals of their songs available on request

Written By: Straiht Wikid Crew

If you'd like a radio version of one of SWC's songs just request it!


Written By: Straiht Wikid Crew

Hey yo
I came from the same brain and dna
as Charles Manson, dancin on graves freshly dug today
when I was born i was drugged away in the worst way
fuck a birthday it's hell on earth day
for what it's worth I say things I don't mean
surprisingly I stayed clean up in muscatine
of methamphetamines, I'm a rhyme fiend
I'm like columbo at a crime scene
from subdued to extreme and everything between
I'm boiling mad at the seams
about to break apart and take my heart
and dissect it and start of life un-neglected
unaffected, uninfected

Protected by rabid dogs that only eat human flesh
foes I throw 'em in a pit full of pit bulls to digest
you couldn't understand the way my thoughts manifest
it's best that way I'm breaking hearts like billy ray cyrus
I'm a virus so don't try this on for size bitch
or you'll leave with your eyes slit
when I spit I'm taking prisoners of war
don't take bullshit I'm a matador slash predator
the scar on my right hand can attest to that
I'm fucking hip hop in the face and molesting rap
registered sexual offender, pigs at my door
I'm sending 'em to the floor, that's what I'm hear for
so catch an earful I provoke fear, you're fearful
got a maniacal mind, thoughts is terrible
I tear a whole new asshole out of nay-sayers
your day of hell is me in your tape player
see I'm casting judgment, stalking bitches like an ex-husband
(flad wasn't that you in my grandmas yard naked and cussin?)
It probably was, it's obvious I'm buzzed
I reach out to sluts and catch a hand full of peach fuzz
and each was unfulfillingly willing to witness a killing
in broad day so what would god say to this?
what would the devil say to that?
shovel this down your throat then shut your trap with saran wrap
if I ran laps in a minefield I'd still
come out unharmed unscathed, half my face blown away
unrecognizable style, fucking low profile
duckin suckers saying they can freestyle meanwhile
I stayed mad intense with the bad suspense
extensively using the game at other cats expense
I'm blasphemous so won't you come dance to this
and if you get a chance slash your wrist!

And get played like columbo
with that mumbo jumbo that's all they bring
I act like I'm gonna let 'em leave
but when they go I say oh just one more thing


Written By: Straiht Wikid Crew

All good things must come to an end
and in the end is it all pretend?
I've been sitting in my room with my pad and my pen
Straiht Wikid Crew is at it again, ahhh yes
Let me give my thanks to the ones with love
and to the ones with hate who claim none of the above
to the ones in the middle with a little bit of both
somehow I never gave up got my mind made up
was sleeping (sleeping? Wake up!)
Woke up choked up, what the fuck had happened?
captions claiming that the end is near
and from our actions I fear this is true
is there a ray of hope?
I pray to God everyday but still can't cope
meanwhile the bodies they pile
it's been a long while since you seen me smile
walk a mile with my shoes on your feet
in this concrete jungle that we call the streets
I seen people come, people go
some say hey, some say yo
some walk by like they just don't know
that soon they're gonna die that's how it goes
friends or foes? well some of those so called foes
are friends in disguise while some of my friends
choked on their lies and hoped that I died
why is it like this? I love you sly, fuck a diss
but when I needed you most you up and split
excuses? I've heard enough of them
I tried doing good stay ducking bad
my peers wanna know what's up with Flad
the tears that I've cried have made me sad
I search for peace but still I'm mad
I gave it all I had but it wasn't enough
life on this earth is so abrupt
living in a world run by the corrupt
I sit around and wait for the ......

What they gonna say on the day when your heart stops?
will they pray or run away from tear drops?
every day I try to get away but it's non stop
when the bomb drops will you still be on top?

will you still remain on top when the bomb drops?
When the bomb drops...

Out of the sky, live or die
but I gotta wonder why
I never try to do it better
is it mind over matter?
does it matter that my mind
is never in the right state of mind
I wrote a letter to the president
hello mister
do you a second for a somewhat decent citizen?
to tell you all the shit he's in
or if you're even listenin
believin my position isn't evil to your mission
is it hopeless?
crackheads wonder who the dopest is
but a catholic still can't tell you who the pope is
but I want to know this cause I'm losing focus
mister leader, pistol holding bullet blastin leader
missed the reason of my letter so instead I wrote a poem
going into detail hell they sell as retail
on the d/l like a shemale, squash beef
while they're putting spam in my email
we shall prevail but you never can tell
when you're hanging by the nails
of a cross hair locked on my target, DENOTE!
I need my medicine, fuck your excederin
I'll put this (click, click) in my (BOOM!)



Written By: Straiht Wikid Crew

I'm not a thug, I'm not the mayor/
I'm just a rhyme saying player hating player/
I'm not a gangsta, I'm not the senator/
I'm miggity mack, miggity mack, mactacular

Either these cats don't know or they just won't admit it
we takin over this year ya heard and don't you forget it
I'm sick of seeing these herbs in these wack ass videos
thinking back in the day they couldn't get on Arseno Hall
If any of yall want my telephone number
then check the bathroom stall honey, and tell me you love me
they wonder, is he a man? a super human a man?
A super human, a stupid human, half mutant half man?
Goddamn baby pie, maybe you and I could have a couple little ones
but if you want that ring around your finger, catch the middle one
of mine, emcees like me we're sort of hard to find
you'll see me leaving the hotel in your grandma's oldsmobile
I hold the steel, but I can't afford bullets
so the next redneck I see will catch a sword to that mullet
I'll pull your card and your whole deck, four necks couldn't swallow this
ask your girl what my motto is...


wait a minute (mactacular) let me in it (mactacular)

pimps gotta eat too right? so these hoes gotta starve
I'm workin nights turnin tricks in my neighbor's backyard
old men out poppin viagra pills and they try acting hard
but hey I'm fair to everyone I'll even smack a retard up
I'm pickin up my suit it's armony, fist full of dollars for the mommies
on the tv screen I'm peepin iron chef, just got told I got five weeks left to live
(Damn Homie!) nah that shit don't phase me
you could pick up a Volkswagen and that won't amaze
they're asking am I that crazy? I tell them what do you think?
I got convicted for murder just for killing my shrink
I'm so damn rugged I could walk through compton in pink panties
come back the next week and see all yall be sporting 'em
I will shorten your attention span and lengthen your pain
then crawl into your ear hole and eat the thoughts out your brain
I'm that weirdo they're claiming that I'm more heinous that dracula
but the girls they know me by one number only

I'm not kurrupt, I'm not John Mayer
I'm not that guy that played guitar for Slayer
I'm not Good Charlotte I'm not Pat Benetar
We're Striggity Straight, Striggity Straight
Straiht Wikid Crew


Kali Yuga Demolition Vol. 1. The debut professional release of the Straiht Wikid Crew, a full length album filled with the unexpect. Currently Get on Down to the Beat has been feature on the new Mobile Voltage network, which consists of mobile music and video channels which are playing on several 3g mobile networks including Sprint and O2(UK). Also, the instrumental has been used for a jingle for a local advertiser. All songs are available for streaming or raido airplay on request. Radio edited versions of certain tracks are available as well.

Set List

Straiht Wikid Crew has songs for days. Everything off the debut album has been performed. Many songs on upcoming projects have also have been publically displayed and met with wicked delight!

It is also not inconceivable for SWC to be able to do two 45 minute sets that are completely unique from each other.