Should Sky Fall is an EP with intensity, professionalism, energy and style. This young band consistently delivers ground-shattering dynamics accompanied with creative musical depth. With melodic, catchy, raw, or mellow tracks, Straitlaced provides listeners with non-repetitious rock music.


Fans often wonder how power punk/pop quartet Straitlaced comes up with such slick and sing-able tunes. Nothing captures the process like their own words: “Our songs usually are created from a guitar riff by Viv or Dan, then we argue about how Andrew (drums) should play to it. Next, Leland plays the most simple, yet intricate bass part possible without looking like a complete retard. Then, Dan writes the words that none of the other members of the band understand until they are recorded... some of the songs happen to be about stupid things Dan has done while he was partying.”

In the age of manufactured pop music and behind-the-scenes drama, such irreverence and effortless fun is refreshing. Especially when the finished product explodes with melodic and memorable guitar hooks, tight vocal harmonies and complex, scene-stealing drum turns that can only be attributed to the pure talent and passion of four scrappy punks ready to take over the world. Twins Dan and Andy (20) went to high school with Viv (19) and started playing together without a bassist, until they met Grandpa Leland (25) and formed Straitlaced - a term their circle of friends used to describe anything cool. Based in Abington, PA, these guys love to write songs and play live, never take themselves too seriously, and always show their fans a good time.

Their debut self-titled EP reflects a perfect combination of upbeat and swirling guitars and dueling vocal harmonies, reflecting influences like Jimmy Eat World and Taking Back Sunday. What sets Straitlaced apart from their predecessors are the unexpected and exhilarating drum sections that create a staggering range of dynamics, often within the same song. These guys have music in their blood – Viv and Leland both come from a long line of working musicians, while Dan and Andy are the grandchildren of jazz legend Charlie Parker.

The online music fan communities of and have already caught on to the power of Straitlaced, awarding them the honors of “Track of the Day” and “Pure Picks”, respectively. Their goal is to make music a career before college kills them. With a three-week tour of the East Coast and Midwest already under their belts, that registrar might find the students of Straitlaced a bit tied up.


Should Sky Fall - Released in August 2006.
Straitlaced - self-titled EP released in August 2005.
Demo - October 2004.

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Set List

The set list is determined before any given show, depending on the audience and the venue.
Set length: 40 to 45 minutes