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Strands Of Night

Alice, Texas, United States | SELF

Alice, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Metal


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Metal Assault Radio Review" - Doug Burgess

"Extreminal review"

Strands Of Night project a year ago as a single bound. Ilk ürünü olan bu demo bu ay çikti. This demo is the first product released this month. Tüm enstrumanlar ve vokal Rene Vela'ya ait, su an için tek kisilik grup yani. All instruments and vocals of Rene Vela'ya, for the moment that a single group. Daha sonra bünyesine yeni müzisyenler katacagini saniyorum ki tanitim metninde "simdilik tek kisi" yazilmis. The new structure will include musicians, then I think that the presentation in the text "for the moment one person" was written.

Strands Of Night'in müzigine baktigimizda genel olarak melodik death metal denebilir ama Isveçli/Norveçli melodik black metal gruplarini animsatan riffleri de var. Strands Of Night music in general look at the Swedish melodic death metal, but it can be said / Norwegian melodic black metal riffs reminiscent of the group is there too. Brutal ve scream vokal kullanilmis. Used brutal and scream vocals. Çok temiz bir kayit ve düzgün bir prodüksiyon yapilmis. Production records were very clean and neat. Kulaga zengin gelen bir sound'a sahip albüm. The album has a rich sound'a ear.

Melodik death/black metal sevenlere tavsiye edebilirim, dinlemesi keyifli kaliteli bir demo olmus. Melodic death / black metal, I would recommend this to fans, a good quality demo was enjoyable to listen to. Strands Of Night kadrosunu genisletirse ilerleyen zamanlarda adindan söz ettirecek. If the progressive enlargement Strands Of Night staff will at times mention the name.

- H.Fatih AKIN (Goremented)

"BRUTALISM review"

One man band Strands Of Night are actually pretty darn good. A lot of people think that one man bands, especially those that produce their music on their own, will be simple, limited, and very generic. However, musician Rene Vella does a great job at trying to make the muisc on his demo sound as multi instrumental as possible. Using a very strong, melodic death metal formula on tracks like "Damnation" through the use of keyboards, catchy riffs, and layered vocals that aren't too high or too deep, it's often a wonder if it really is this one person doing all the work.

A lot of the music on the Strands of Night demo is catchy. "Against the World" has some great melodic guitar passages to go along with the vocals that spit and roar along while "Resist the New" is a brief, but thrash inspired drum fest. It's not brutal death metal or thrash, but more melodically driven like the others. Hailing from Texas, it's obvious that the band will have a lot to live up to in the shadows of giants like Brown Jenkins (now known as The Ash Eaters). But, the Strands of Night certainly has plenty of potential and talent to become a great, black-thrash band. - Twan

"MetalBlaze review"

There are not many people that can claim to be able to play several instruments. Even fewer multi-instrumentalist choose to form a band, or rather, to start a music-project and to put it on their feet. Even if that happens, the end result sounds like something that the world really don't want to listen to (eg Project Creation). Even fewer make it to gain a certain popularity and produce/compose high quality music (Andreas Vollenweider, Nine Inch Nails). Concerning Strands Of Night's demo, it could in future act by the latter category!

This musical project is solely Rene Vela, who recorded and wrote the whole demo himself. Hardly any band, in all the years, managed to write at such "compositional genius", "musical maturity" and melody of Arsis. In the first song "Damnation" Rene Vela succeeds in this like it would be not a hard task - respect! Only in the next two songs "Against The World" and "Resist The New" the guitar work moves in the mid-tempo range, but at the same time the songs becomes slightly more atmospheric. This probably shows that one can not just show off, but it misses the class/greatness that "Damnation" makes something special.

Rene Vela solely did something, in which so many musicians fail and that should be highly credited to him! Currently he is looking for musicians who are able to carry the songs on the stage. You can also buy the demo for the low prize of $ 2.99 per MySpace and the profit flows automatically into the production of the first official CD.

If Rene recruits some worthy musicians, writes more brilliant songs like "Damnation" and perhaps gets the idea to include the missing solos into his songs, there is almost nothing that can go wrong and Arsis & Co have to wrap up warm.
- Kacper


Strands Of Night - (Damnation Demo)
May, 2010

2.Against The World
3.Resist The New



Fusing epic melodic death metal with a dark, evil ambiance is Alice, Texas's Strands Of Night. Founded in July 2009 by creator/composer Rene Vela, Strands Of Night was originally planned as a solo recording project, but popular response quickly encouraged him to recruit band members for touring demand. Now that the 3 song demo is complete with vocals, the wait is over.

As you are reading this, Strands Of Night is on a mission, a mission to deliver there melodic death sounds to the worlds ears and eyes. As Rene Vela is still in search of the perfect line up of musicians to make Strands Of Night a unstoppable touring machine, he can use your help by spreading the word about the band to your friends/family, adding a banner to your myspace profile, and purchasing a copy of the demo for you and your friends.

Any help from you the fans is greatly appreciated and respected, the band will surely return the favor to you live in your town soon. So get out there spread the word about the band, get your demo, feel free to share the music with other metal fans, and stay tuned to their myspace page for new music, photos, blogs and upcoming announcements.