Strange Coincidence

Strange Coincidence

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Strange Co brings a high energy feel to the stage while putting their own original twists on many crowd favorites. Song range from the 60's - current. Genres range from classic rock, bluegrass, blues and folk. Nostalgic song choices that you grew up loving, to your favorite, new radio hits.


Strange Coincidence is an up and coming sensation that was formed in 2012 as a 3 piece band. After only a month formed, they began playing at many local venues around the Lehigh Valley, and is now one of the most sought after acts in the area, playing for the public nearly 10 times a month with a list of more than 100 songs that span over 6 decades.

The founding members were connected through a series of very strange coincidences that made it very difficult to deny that they all were meant to form together. The band chemistry is what makes the crowd realize that they are not just listening to an average band, but a group of aligned musicians that share the same love of music.

For fans of The beatles,Dave Matthews,Jimi Hendricks,Mumford and Sons,Radiohead,Sublime,The grateful dead,The band etc....


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