Strange Designs

Strange Designs


Were an experimental group of musicians. We bring a lot of different styles together, so everyone could get great pleasure from listing to our music.


Like any other living creature we feed off of our interests. Since we've known each other our one any only interest in life is to play music. We stand out as musicians because our style has a certain personality to it, ranging from classical to death metal and everything between, it strangely made a sound that you cant turn down.


We are not signed and we would like to be... We have recording for the past two years and have collected some great sounds. If you would like to hear our music you could visit us at and search for Strange Designs.

Set List

We dont do cover songs but we could defenitly play unlimited hours of music.

Our Song Names:
What Sounds Do The Moons Make Pt.1
What Sounds Do The Moons Make Pt.2
Lung Butter
Slide Song
The Trees Above
Bringst Thou To The Gate Keeper
Mutilation Corporation
On The Outs
Track Four