Strange Faces

Strange Faces


Strange Faces is an original rock band from Raleigh, NC. The band grew up listening to classic recordings such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and The Beatles, and modern bands such as Radiohead and Oasis. All of these artists have influenced Strange Faces writing and their unique sound.


Strange Faces formed in January 2008 in Raleigh, NC. The band was a concept of Ryan Barnum's in 2007 that was realized when two of his former band mates and closest friends from NY moved to Raleigh to make music together once again. The lineup consists of Ryan Barnum (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards), Art Pierce (Drums), and Mark Connor (Bass, Vocals). The band shares a love for vintage instruments and classic recordings, and strive to keep their sound organic and true to their beliefs.

The band hooked up with Los Angeles producer Eric Sarafin (Ben Harper) and recorded their self titled debut album in the mountains of Asheville, NC at Echo Mountain. The entire album was recorded to 2" analog tape without the use of computers and digital editing, as to focus on getting the best performance out of the band, and capturing the moments as they were.

The band spent some time trying to find a name that fit them, eventually landing on Strange Faces. They feel that it fits them perfectly in that they have a different view of the world and often find good things hidden in unlikely places. So they settled on the name and asked their fans to get involved by taking pictures of faces they find in inanimate objects and sending them their way.

The three members of this powerful trio are quickly gaining recognition and notoriety in the Triangle with their accessible rock music, and highly energetic shows. You need to hear it to know what you're missing.


Learn To Fly

Written By: Strange Faces

Dreamer mind
What'd you find
A second wind
Pull me in to the night

Songbirds sing
As we stretch our wings
If we could only learn to fly

Empty town
Breaking down
Signs that say
Keep away from this place

Songbirds sing
As we stretch our wings
If we could only learn to fly

Caught in landslide
Buried and blindsided
Come back down
Fire the rockets
With hands in our pockets
We're done for now

But we've got it all
We've got a bright light
We've got a last chance
And we've got the foresight
We've got it all
We got the last line
We got the lesson of a lifetime


Strange Faces (self titled) 2008

Set List

The typical set for Strange Faces consists strictly of original songs. The set usually lasts between 45 minutes to one hour. Strange Faces does not do covers.