Soulful songs laced with tight harmonies, bouncing melodies, driving bass lines, and soaring guitar. Superior songwriting with experimental solo sections creates an experience of a sing along and dance party mixed into one great show.


Originally formed as an acoustic duo "Strange Folk" in 1991, Strangefolk added bass and drums within a year and took to playing the bars in and around the vibrant musical community of Burlington, Vermont. The band rounded out its sound further in 2000 by adding keyboards to the lineup. Strangefolk has been a leading force in the growth of the jamband genre. They have a loyal national following based on the impressive sales from four studio CD releases (Lore, Weightless in Water, A Great Long While, and Open Road), two live releases (Coast to Coast, Coast to Coast Volume 2), a full-length DVD, a rigorous touring schedule, and an annual festival that attracts thousands which the band has funded, promoted, and hosted for ten years called Strangefolk’s Garden of Eden.

Unlike many of its jamband brothers Strangefolk is well-known for their lyrical hooks. At the heart of Strangefolk's songwriting is a seamless blend of narrative content and inventive melody. Rock, folk, blues, and bluegrass influences converge to create an instantly recognizable sound, which keeps Strangefolk's listeners moving from start to finish. When punctuated with Strangefolk's trademark three-part harmonies and soaring lead guitars, the band's unique songwriting develops a natural avenue for the band to extend the music in a live setting. The result is a gratifying ride of auditory bliss. Their last project, Coast to Coast Volume 2 (2003) showcases the band's depth, variety, and continued growth as songwriters and musicians.

After nearly fifteen years of performing the band shows no sign of slowing down. They have recently released a plethora of new material and plans for a new studio project under way.


Weightless in Water
Great Long While
Open Road
Coast to Coast
Coast to Coast II
Garden of Eden 2002 DVD

Set List

With hundreds of orginals and dozens of covers in the repertoire no two nights are the same.