Strange Folks

Strange Folks


An energetic musical experience best described as construction yard folk -mixing primitive rootsy influences with rock, jazz, electronica and a Middle Eastern twang. The antithesis to the epidemic of carbon-copy-blandness, Strange Folks are not easy to categorise and just as difficult to forget.


The Collective were formed in 2006 in Tel-Aviv, and features some of the most popular indie musicians in Israel. The band has released, under separate names and guises, 3 albums, all receiving widespread critical acclaim and extensive airplay in Israel. The diversity of the band's music is immense, mixing up boogied-folk, jazz, electronic with a Middle Eastern-bluesy twang into a refreshing and distinctive and energetic sound.

This newly formed group were soon playing to packed out audiences in their home town and establishing a loyal fan-base, with no budget, no PR, no management and no business plan – just letting the music speak for itself. During 2009 the band started touring in Europe following a UK release of two of its albums - “Strange Folks” and “Never Trust the Holy Gracious Medley Band”, quickly gaining a local following and a reputation for show-stopping concerts, whilst supporting Okkervil River and Jose Gonzalez, (and even ended up recording at the Manic Street Preacher's private studio, courtesy of the band).

Enough words. Listen to the music. Come and join the Collective.


2007 - "Bedroom Folk" (Debut LP) (Critically acclaimed with extensive radio airplay in Israel).
Released in Israel by High Fidelity Ltd.
Released in the UK by Cargo.

2009 - "Strange Folks" (EP)
Limited edition EP recorded at the Manic Street Preacher's Studio, featuring original handmade cover artwork made by the band.

Set List

Set lists range from 30 min short sets to full 90 mins concerts.

Optional Setlist:

1. Maybe Next Year
2. Stolen Goods
3. Jared's Blues
4. My Brother Joel
5. Book on my Head
6. Thinking Cap
8. Sleep Alone
7. Strange Floors
8. Your Last letter
9. A Good Start
10. Lewknor Arch
11. Swimming Upstream
12. Smile Like A Knife