Austin, Texas, USA


Spanning multiple classic genres of rock, including 70's Glam, Punk, and Power-pop, StrangeGun is here. The band was formed in 2010 by former Bombs Over Berlin mastermind, Jim Gauge and "Pinball" Bobby Pearson of The Dead Bohemians. The two met while working in a musical instruments store and began comparing notes and record collections. It wasn't long until a band was in the works.

During the 2010 SXSW Music Festival Gauge met local Austin promoter and bassist Geoff Robinson. The three had a one-time jam in Gauge's apartment, but realized they needed solid material. Robinson spent the summer in Santa Fe, New Mexico playing with Dean Station. He agreed to regroup with the Gauge and Pearson in the fall, and that's exactly what happened. By this time the two had recorded several demos, and Robinson quickly picked up the new material.

Rounding out the band was drummer Travis Rea, a friend of Pearson's family. The four-piece began rehearsals on 20 Oct 2010. The band will be breaking into the Austin, San Marcos, and San Antonio music scenes in early 2011, and will spread to more markets later in the year. The boys are busy recording their debut EP and writing more material.


Dirty Lovin'

Written By: Robert Pearson and Jim Gauge Gallegos

She's a streetwise vixen, fistfull of lead
Her lovin' come to town like a shot to the head
Nicotine-stained red findertips
Mouth like an ashtray, hand on her hip

Dirty lovin' need a place to crash
Dirty lovin' on a pile of trash
Dirty lovin can't say no
Dirty lovin' no place to go go go

She stands alone inside her guest-list world
She's a cut above, but a slit below
My tattooed nothing reach for the stars
Burnin' out the heavens in the back of the bars

Dirty lovin' what's it gonna take
Dirty lovin' be my mistake
Dirty lovin' dirty lovin' so hard to please
Dirty lovin' don't you ever leave me

Dirty lovin' here we are again
Dirty lovin' late for the end
Dirty lovin' got the best of me
Dirty lovin' can't break free
Dirty lovin' how long can I wait
Dirty lovin' one I love to hate
Dirty lovin' don't say goodbye
Dirty lovin' back to your dive

Set List

1. Life Under Glass
2. Helen Heels
3. Let Go
4. Dirty Lovin'
5. Freebase My Love
6. Playin' The Fool
7. Northern Boulevard