Strange Habits
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Strange Habits

Chico, California, United States | SELF

Chico, California, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Acoustic




"Detroit Rock Review"

"Raw, Original, and one day these guys’ll be playing stadiums!" - Mark Storks - Detroit Rock Review

"BullFrog Bar&Grill"

"Strange Habits puts out an energy that has a way of leaving people speechless. These kids are going places."

- Old Dave at the Bullfrog Bar&Grill

"Gorilla Productions"

Very entertaining, these boys throw the audience on a high energy rollercoaster while still managing to mellow out every so often. Great songs with fantastic melodies leave them with a distinctive defined sound. A truly great bunch of musicians to work with, Strange Habits rock!
Jenny Brace-Gorilla Productions

- Jenny Brace

"Review: Strange Habits - Self titled LP"

Strange Habits is a Detroit-area Rock trio with Funk and Reggae on the brain. Playing the Motown seen for the past seven years and have started to receive some regional and international recognition. Particularly known for an on-stage stunt called “the one man band”, where their drummer plays drums, guitar and bass all at once, Strange Habits strives to put on a great show to complement great music. Eric McGuire (bass, vocals); Eric McCauley (guitar, vocals) and Sheel Doshi (drums, vocals, keys) look not just to entertain you, but to immerse you in their own distinct musical culture. Their self-titled album, released in 2009, has much to offer.

Strange Habits opens with Sunshine Wrecking Ball, a Reggae inspired rocker with a vibrant bass line and an almost mellow-Sublime vibe. Silence Of Stone is a big guitar rocker reminiscent of early Pearl Jam. The highlight of the disc is Butter Noodles, with its grunge feel, pop hooks and vibrant rhymes. Butter Noodles is bound to be a concert favorite and may have real commercial potential. Nature opens with a ska-feel before turning into a churning rock guitar bridge. Strange Habits finds a grungy-punk sound for Bullets In My Pocket, a song about a disturbed individual with a mission of revenge, before closing out with the acoustic Take Over My World, a pleasant and lively listen.

Strange Habits has a very home-grown feel to their music, inspired by Reggae, Grunge, Folk and a bit of Punk. Their self-titled debut album is a pleasant listen that refuses to sit still or fall into one category. Strange Habits is definitely worth spending some time with.
- Wildys World


"Self Titled LP" -2009

"The Kids With Fire Demos" -2011



“My first thought on hearing Strange Habits’ The Kids With Fire was that Zack de la Rocha had teamed up with Red Hot Chili Peppers for a record. Then Bradley Nowell came back from the grave to produce it. Then they went on tour with Rx Bandits.” -Synthesis 3/27/2011

In a van that can hardly contain our ambition, let alone our equipment, Strange Habits plans to tour like it’s the end of the world. We just made our second release “The Kids Of Fire Demos” on Amazon and iTunes. It’s a seven-song collection we’ve produced to precede our first full-length album. Since our last tour, we have been developing music videos, writing music, and laying it down in our home studio. We will be hitting the road again and playing all the songs on our latest release plus all of our new material this year. We will be performing in cities all over California in addition to plans of playing our long awaited return shows in Michigan and Windsor in the summer of 2012. Strange Habits is like a powder keg. All the elements are in place. Only a little spark is necessary to blow a hole in the ceiling.

Founded in 2006, Strange Habit’s instrumental foundation fluidly blends punk, hip-hop, and many other styles of music together to create the rhythmically charged unique sound that can be found in our original titles such as “Santone”, “Funkstyle Injection”, “Drunken Chameleon” and “Hindu Kush.” From our distinct lyrical style, stage presence and unyielding force of personality, Strange Habits delivers a high-energy performance that is an experience worth seeing. Our sound is ideal for festivals, various venues and anywhere there is a crowd that is yearning to be moved by the intensity of each sound. Our interests are also focused in on helping any socially conscious or environmentally friendly causes by playing in fundraisers or participating in events.

This 3-piece band consists of guitar, bass, drums, auxiliary hand percussion, keyboard, and masses of vocals.

The question of our genre comes up frequently. Here is the explanation:
When Strange Habits was founded we set out to make “good music.” Which, to us, is music that is not only audibly pleasing, but well thought-out, and performed with feeling. Yes, there are certain musical truths, but there is no formula for making a song that will stand the test of time. The music is made with this in mind and we maintain a thick wall between the creation of our music and the business end of the industry. Each song is unique because it was made with a certain thought or emotion in mind. That’s why our range of styles can go from the most high- energy, political hip-hop to calm, and melodic, acoustic music with reflective lyrics. As human beings we experience an array of feelings that can be characterized by different genres of music. No genre is off-limits.
Styles we’re currently playing: Punk, Hip-hop, Rock, Ska, Funk, Acoustic.