Strange Her

Strange Her

 MontrĂ©al, Quebec, CAN

An embracement of chaotic cliches within modern pop rock and an ora of sound aware of materialistic melodies founded within the late 70's/early 80's; Sorry bends the philosophy of originality with presence but caters the ear with hooks and melodies that will leave you wanting more. We're Sorry.


Strange Her was the idea of the forceful poisoned attractions that lure within the psychosis of an obsession...with the subject being 'her'. While not able to grasp the fundamental assets needed to succeed with the understanding for an area of contempt, Christian Conner turned the strangeness of this mental state into an experiment of translation. Throughout this experiment, which can be heard on the first full length 'Controller [For Statisical Order]', the adaptation can tend to be transcribed as either 'a beautiful disaster of disassociation from reality' or an 'innovative experimentation with the state of sonic expression'.

'Controller' was guided with production credits attributed to Mark Webber (Memory Screen, Great Marble) who is featured on a vast majority of the songs playing drums, synth and/or bass with recording taking place in Montreal with help from Alex Calder (Captured Tracks, Brazilian Money) and Jackson Mackintosh (Sheer Agony) at Silver Door Studios and recording/mixing/mastering residing at 1559 Studios in Toronto, Ontario.

Strange Her will be relocating from the recording process in Toronto, Ontario beginning of March to Montreal, Quebec and gearing up for live shows starting April. Strange Her will be embarking on a west coast tour come June with stops in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary with west coast band members Mark Webber and Dan Laplante (Sharp Ends, Pants Situation) followed by a run along the east coast come July/August.


Controller [For Stastical Order] - TBA 2013 (awaiting distributor/label for release)