Strangelove Ocean

Strangelove Ocean


Unique, experimental progressive rock, and improvisational jams. Ear scorching live shows with frantic emotional climaxes. Blistering guitar solos and a slamming rythym section create instrumental music that takes you to another level.


The hybrid musical monster, Strangelove Ocean, is a Southeastern based four-piece band playing a unique blend of prog rock, metal and fusion. With plenty of heavy metal riffing giving way to high energy funk and ominous spacey interludes, Strangelove Ocean attracts a broad base of fans. There technical compositions as well as unique covers and improvisational jams make for an energetic crowd-pleasing show. Dueling schizophrenic guitars intertwine over a hyperactive polyrhythmic section creating dynamic changes and frenzied climaxes. For 2 years they have been building a strong fan base in Alabama and surrounding areas through media exposure. With numerous live shows under their belt Strangelove Ocean has honed their sound into a rollercoaster ride of booty shakin' and head bangin' instrumental music that draws large crowds everywhere they go. Strangelove Ocean is booking shows in support of their independent EP, Silent But Deadly, in addition to recording their next much anticipated full-length album.


No Need for Words ep
Silent but Deadly ep

Currently working on new album.

Set List

Typical set list:

Fozzy Crosbourne
Bucket of Devastation
Moby Dick>YYZ
Ham Sandwich
Funk Jam>Cissy Strut>Come Dancing
The Rise of Dissent
Prison Sex>Housefire>Prison Sex
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
Fun With Numbers
Conan's theme>Conan Jam
Whole Tone Song
Du Hast>Jam
Everfree>War Pigs
Master of Puppets

Set lists do vary. Comfortable with 3+ hour shows as well as one set showcases. Depending on the venue and crowd sets may be more metal or funk oriented, originals or covers oriented, or a mix of everything. All songs are performed with Strangelove Ocean's seasoned professionalism and ferocious intensity.