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Seattle, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Pop





"Paint Outside The Lines" may well be your best song yet! I love this! Great, driving pop with muscles and melody. Just terrific.Thanks for sending this. Spectacular! - Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio Updates and Album Reviews

"“Come On” is my choice for the definitive summer song."

“Strangely Alright’s “Come On” is my choice for the definitive summer song. This “power pop” anthem is the one you plug in, turn up, drop the windows, and begin a road trip. Sing along. Try not to sing along. You can’t avoid singing along. Is it sugar coated? In my opinion, it’s not. BUT it is timeless. It could have come from any single year of the last 40. I can’t imagine why it isn’t saturating the damn radio waves across the country. Or why these musicians aren’t on a late night show already. I think that about a lot of bands here, but if there is any act ready to jump into the national spotlight, it is this bunch. All the songs I heard by them were timeless and I think that is the key to getting it right as an artist–Your work stands alone and above the humdrum of the day. SA’s stuff does.” - Cindy Teixeira - Brown Bag Alley

"In A Wod: Epic!"

“In a word: epic! Drop the cool, it's an act and you and I both know it. Break out the big tunes and prepare to sway and sing it out loud like the happy idiot you would be if only adult inhibitions weren't crushing the child inside. Enjoy - if that's not too mild a word for it - or worship, if that's not too bold a command, "I See The Sun", a track unashamedly inspired by lead singer Regan Lane's daughter as much as it is by the great rock ballads of old.” - Record Rewind Play

"Immensely catchy!"

“We were first hipped to the music of Regan Lane back in 2004, when we got hold of his solo album, ICU in Dandylions. These days, Regan is behind the group Strangely Alright; we’ve been playing tracks from their album, The Time Machine is Broken; their new song is a marathon pop-rock-gospel number, immensely catchy and fine as fine can be. “I See the Sun” is now playing in rotation.” - Pure Pop Radio


I just listened to "Come On." In a word: Wow! This is a great song and record. Very powerful, very catchy and an instant classic." - - Alan Haber, Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio Updates and Album Reviews

"Don’t Be Afraid To Get Up And Dance Too!"

“By fusing together sounds that ring true of everything from Bowie and T-Rex to The Darkness and (albeit slightly muted) Blink-182, these guys are able to find that middle ground which means that those on either side of the snobbery line may be happy to tread without fear of any consequences. Come on, you know you want to give it a listen – don’t be afraid to get up and dance too, it’s only natural.” - We Close Tonight

"Seattle Wave Radio Review of "Come On""

“Being yourself and cool is a difficult thing to quantify, but the ‘power pop’ band “Strangely Alright” has given us that image. Their new single “Come On”, along with its cleverly produced companion video, is SA’s uncanny nexus of a slap to our face to wake up, drop the sad, have faith, and be the person you are suppose to be. Who can disagree with that?” - Mark Gordon - Seattle Wave Radio

"Hooks and Melodies Galore!"

“Strangely Alright have released a single that has clearly upped their game as a band, "Come On" is a stomper of a song that draws you in from the very start, hooks and melodies galore that will leave you breathless and hungry for more. This band won't disappoint and I have a suspicion they will continue to up their game and deliver more absolutely cracking songs.” - Ice Cream Man Power Pop

"StraightToYourHead British Podcast -"Magnificently Infectious"!"

'Come On' is magnificently infectious, great job guys, well done! - StraightToYourHead


"The combo of John Lennon meeting Pink Floyd is felt on ““If I Don’t Laugh I’m Only Going to Cry,”. The jangle and psyche-pop combo are awesome..The lyrics are a complex..has brilliantly quirky touches.." - PowerPopaholic

"Perfect Blend Of Rock And Power Pop!"

“The Time Machine is Broken is jam packed full of out of this world melodies and passionate but purposeful lyrics. The lessons learned through life are clearly the inspiration behind Lanes lyrics. He keeps things real. He writes about love, life, happiness and despair. Then something very special happens, you add in the rest of the Strangely Alright crew and what you get is the perfect blend of classic rock and power pop rock. Their chemistry is masterful in bringing these two musical genres together. “If I Don’t Laugh I’m Only Going To Cry” is the perfect example of the lyrical and harmonic mastery of Strangely Alright. The track combines incredible vocal and musical harmonies along with one of the catchiest hooks you’ll hear. It’s one of the grandest numbers on the album, and an appropriately compelling early track. The bottom line is this record was a long time coming. It is what the Pacific Northwest has been wanting for. A unique sound and inspired lyrics - SeattleSound Live - Christian Hamilton

"Fires on all power pop cylinders!"

“The latest single from Strangely Alright, Come On, fires on all power pop cylinders, in the process creating a rollicking kind of drive that's got a little bit of Feeder about it.” - RecordRewindPlay

"A Story of Hope and Redemption"

“Call it power pop, or what ever other label you’d like to call it, Strangely Alright will leave you in better shape than you were before you listened to them. This band has a total retro feel and one gets the sense they would have fit in very nicely in an another time and place, if they didn't fit in so damn well here! The Time Machine Is Broken is 11 strong tracks of feel good music and it comes at a time when we need more of this. Regan Lane and his band of 5 merry men have constructed a fine piece of work that tells a story. A story of hope and redemption. And it is a true story. Lane’s passionate vocals power the first track and he doesn't stop there. There’s a great message in If I Don’t Laugh I’m Only Going To Cry offering up some choices and personally knowing some of Regan’s life story, this song rings true. If you don’t have this CD yet and you have a few dollars laying around I’d strongly suggest picking it up the next chance you get.” - Northwest Music Scene - Glen Casebeer

"SA Kills It @ The Hard Rock Seattle"

“Strangely Alright led by Regan Lane stepped up and opened their show to a ruckus and romping crowd with a furious mixture of rock-psych greatness from The Strangely’s new album, "The Time Machine Is Broken". Paying homage and recognition to Pacific Northwest legends, bottled up emotions are unleashed on the susceptible audience with a Pink Floyd, Roger Waters esque ebb and flow. All this and more send his music and listeners on a visionary journey, spanning the plains of rock and roll’s foundations, superimposing a contrast of unscrupulous harmonies, exuberant phrasing, and an overall bow to what direction music here in Seattle is heading. Refined antiquities shined brilliantly in conjunction with the modern artistic representation of the songs played, namely, “Train to Nowhere”, “Here An Then You’re Gone”, and “If I Don’t Laugh I’m Going To Cry” are all of significant mention. Lane and the band proved time and again that their presence was going to be felt!” - Seattle Wave Radio - Dave Kosin

""This Will Be One You Won't Want To Miss!"

“This will be one you won't want to miss! The Time Machine Is Broken doesn't waste anytime letting you know it arrives with “Train to Nowhere” as the whole band kicks in from the start. The song has a Bowie-esque feel to it with well-placed background vocals, and progressive, uplifting guitars. One of the highlights of the album is “So Right It Can’t Be Wrong” which has distinct 80’s overtones that blends with a contemporary framework and creates quite an appealing recipe. Arguably the best vocal performance on the album is “Crying Shame” while “Before The Fall” is one of the more melancholy cuts on the album. The album closes with “U and Me” which is surely a sing- a-long in college bars in some alternative universe.They also could at times be labeled as an “indie” band and mix in some components that make them sound like they could hang with some of the groups who played at Pitchfork this summer. - The Equal Ground - Matt Jensen

"Loved It"

There’s a very classic-rock vibe to this debut, thanks in part to singer Regan Lane’s smooth, mellow voice and the abundance of lush harmonies paired with bright guitar riffs. There’s no competition between the music and Lane’s honest lyrics, making this album easy to like. - Seattle Weekly

"An Instant Classic!"

Expect to see this album sitting pretty, high up in many "Albums Of The Year " lists. This album will sit pretty with a wide variety of listeners, who, like myself, will be only too happy to climb on board and go for a ride through space and time and come out the other side feeling totally elated for the experience, and that is, "Strangely Alright!" - Ice Cream Man Power Pop

"Strangely Alright Nails Its First Release"

" Strangely Alright has an undeniable emotional appeal..It exemplifies Lane's knack for constructing beautiful melodies that catch you off guard. Ringing, triumphant chords and lyrics that allude to conquered tribulations immediately make the music relatable to, well, everyone.If you're looking for the latest of great Northwest-made albums, Strangely Alright's The Time Machine Is Broken should be at the top of your list." - The Weekly Volcano

"Would not sound out of place in an end credit sequence of a movie!"

“Strangely Alright, a Seattle-based power pop band, has released an extremely inviting single, not incorrectly titled Come On. It’s the kind of song that would not sound out of place in an end credit sequence of a movie. The reason behind the track’s instant likeability is no secret. It’s in the arrangement, which allows for an infectious pop-with-just-enough-rock-to-make-it-edgy rhythm; the kind that makes your heart soar. The message behind the song, which banks on being yourself and living in the moment, has been done and overdone by many others. Strangely Alright still manages to make it sound fresh and convincing. The lead singers’ impassioned vocals gets you hopeful, revved up and happy. It’s definitely the kind of track you’ll want to bop up and down to. You needn’t be partial to any particular genre to give this uplifting, guitar-happy number a listen!” - Music Perks

"A unique style of 80s pop with 90s grunge!"

“A blend of Weezer’s vocals, Pixies’ guitars and nuanced attitude toward music and some David Bowie flair. then you already know what to expect from SA's latest single, “Paint Outside the Lines.” Singer Regan Lane delivers his vocals with thrusts intense enough you can feel the reverberations through your headphones. Sean Van Dommelen’s guitar is a unique blend of finger bleeding riffs and simplistic yet harmonic power chords. The hidden gem on the track is Raymond Hayden’s keyboard. It’s nestled into the track on the chorus and the bridge, but when you can hear it you get a sense that you’ve walked into Bowie’s palace by way of the 60s. It’s a neat effect! “Paint Outside the Lines” is a solid single for the Seattle rockers and offers a unique style of 80s pop with 90s grunge coupled with the carefree attitude from that era. Strangely Alright is the kind of band that not only deserves radio play, but could transcend the independent and the mainstream.” - Creative Control


The Time Machine Is Broken

by Strangely Alright

Copyright - Regan L. Barger / Strangely Alright (700261382456)
A positive, realistic and hopeful point of view from singer-songwriter Regan Lane and his band mates in the classic jangle and power pop vein, bringing to mind The Beatles, Jellyfish, The Grays, Be Bop Deluxe, XTC, Badfinger,and Crowded House .

Genre: Rock
: Power Pop Release Date: 2013

Come On

by Strangely Alright

© Copyright - Regan L Barger / Strangely Alright (889211440979)Driving rock, as if if David Bowie, The Replacement’s and Cheap Trick all hung out for a night to party and Rick Springfield showed up and turned his amp up to 10.
Genre: Rock: Modern RockRelease Date: 2015

I See the Sun

by Strangely Alright

© Copyright - Strangely Alright / Strangely Alright (889211605934)Mix Weezer and The Beatles,sprinkle in some David Bowie and then add some confessional lyrics ala John Lennon about the inspiration, direction and belief that our children can give life and you get this Strangely Alright rock ballad.Genre: Rock: Modern RockRelease Date: 2015

Paint Outside the Lines

by Strangely Alright

© Copyright - Regan L. Barger / Strangely Alright (889211874835)Take Weezer and Super Furry Animals sprinkled with some Bowie, and then add confessional lyrics ala John Lennon and you have Strangely Alright!
Genre: Rock: Modern RockRelease Date: 2015

I Believe in Christmas

by Strangely Alright

© Copyright - Strangely Alright / Strangely Alright (19039412248)Crunchy guitars, Beatle-esque harmonies and a little tip of the hat to the the John Lennon and Phil Spector Christmas music we love! We hope this makes you smile. And it wouldn’t be a Christmas song without la la’s at the end.So join in and sing along!Genre: Holiday: RockRelease Date: 2015

We Still Can

by Strangely Alright

© Copyright - Strangely Alright / Strangely Alright (190394192716)Take Weezer and Super Furry Animals sprinkled with some Bowie, and then add confessional lyrics ala John Lennon and you have Strangely Alright, a 5 piece rock band from the Seattle, WA.
Genre: Pop: British Pop Release Date: 2016

Shake It

by Strangely Alright

© Copyright - Strangely Alright / Strangely Alright (190394500504)
Cars synths and Jerry Lee Lewis piano, crunchy driving guitars,edgy vocals and sweet harmonies from the Kings-X and Beatles family tree. So if you’re toying around with an idea, try it. Whatever it is, if you’re fearful, take a risk. F—k It. Just do it! Shake It like a movie star!

Genre: Pop: Power PopRelease Date: 2016



Take Weezer  sprinkled with some David Bowie, and then add confessional lyrics ala John Lennon and you have Strangely Alright, a 6 piece rock band from the Seattle, WA area that has, as Rockford Rowley from The Weekly Volcano says, “an undeniable emotional appeal. Ringing, triumphant chords and lyrics that allude to conquered tribulations immediately make the music relatable to everyone. Time can have a tricky way of beating people down and telling them to forget who they wanted to be and who they are. The fact that some members of the strangely clan are in recovery brings to mind the reality that people can find what was once lost. 

SA’s rocking “Come On” was given the honor of being the lead track on the London Bridge recorded “One Take Pacific Northwest Volume 1” that was released in 2016.

Recently Regan and Sean wrote the theme song for the syndicated radio show “True Fidelity" and SA's music was included on the hit Seattle sketch comedy show "The 206".. 

Critical acclaim for their recent singles along with shows at the prestigious Art On The Ave and The Western Washington State Fair and appearances on Click 98.9 FM's HOMEGROWN and The Spud Goodman Show have been some of the band's recent highlights. .

Strangely Alright's last CD ‘The Time Machine Is Broken’ received rave reviews and radio airplay from around the world, including Great Britain, Australia and Sweden! 

A track from the album, “Crying Shame”, was nominated for the NWME song of the year in the alt/classic rock category and recently SA's music was included on the hit Seattle sketch comedy show "The 206". They have been featured artist on a number of northwest shows including NWCZ’s ‘The Convergence Zone”, ‘The Aquarium” and “The Internal Narcissist”. 

SA Singer Songwriter Regan Lane has had placement and airplay of his heartfelt pop and rock songs on numerous TV shows throughout the US, including A&E's Biography,NBC Sports,VH1's Top Twenty Countdown and Best Week Ever, Anthony Bourdains' No Reservations and Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew along with many other cable and network shows.

His jubilant pop song 'U Won't Believe' was heard on NBC's "Race across America" and was also the theme song for "Puget Sounds TV", a Northwest TV show featuring local and national indie artists. "The Ocean Makes Her Cry'"was recently played on The Discovery Channels' "Strictly Sex With Dr. Drew: Am I Normal?" and his pop gem 'Junkie' was heard on a recent Johnny Knoxville's MTV special.

So Regan's 80’s pop star experience, Ken Schaff''s driving hard rock influences, Jason Bair's rocking military precision on drums, Ray Hayden's keyboard crush on all things prog rock and Sean Van Dommelen's crunchy white boy blues and Troy Moss’s southern tinged leads all collide together creating their unique raw, energetic, sound deep seated with emotion. Lane’s charismatic presence and ability to get asses out of their seats and the underlying lyrical messages of hope, empathy, and love make each new catchy SA song an audience favorite!

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