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Strange Minds

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Fueled by self expression and old school appreciation, we use our music as a tool to deliver to the listeners a new hip hop experience.


Strange Minds Inc. is a music production company that combines over 40 years of music production experience in the DC MD VA area. The group blends a mixture of old school hip hop vibe w\ a wide range of sounds from reggae to electronica. The members have come together as a band to promote their music. They recently traveled to Montreal for a listening party to promote thier upcoming album Chasing the Elephant, a tribute to Lmo's former band mate Hadji who passed away in 2006. The group hopes to use their music and live performaces to promote their production skills in the Hip hop culture.


*Hadji & Lmo--"Indian Style" Classic Eletronica album, that blends Asian Dub, Hip-Hop and Soul.

*The Third Eye Movement--"Chasing the Elephant" This album is a mix of all the sounds that influence the members of Strange Minds. From Old School Hip-Hop to Electronica, these sounds can be heard through out the album on songs like "Friends", "Move" and "DB".
"Friends"-- from Chasing the Elephant
has received airplay on Dj Blaster's"Ill Garden Grooves" on CkUT in Montreal Canada

Set List

--original music and covers
--Sets range from 30 minutes to 60 min