Strange Neighbors

Strange Neighbors


Strange [straynj] 1. not expected, usual, or ordinary 2. not known or experienced previously Neighbors [nay-berz] 1. kind folks to party with


Strange Neighbors is a well established jam band in the Quad Cities area of Iowa and Illinois. Many people know the name and the fans are dedicated. So dedicated that some have driven six hours for Strange Neighbors showings. The members of Strange Neighbors are well seasoned musicians. Each has spent many nights with side projects and hosting open mics. Not to mention the multitude of hours spent making Strange Neighbors the band it is today.

Originally formed in 1994, Strange Neighbors enjoyed great success as a regional touring band. Shortly after their second album was released in 1999, the band began to change its line up. A few years passed while Dustin and Chico found the right guys for the job. Strange Neighbors have since released their third album, Comfort Me and are gaining more fans all the time.


From In Here, Passion Flower Records, 1995;
Live at the Edge of The Rainbow, PFR,1999
Moon Stone, single track on multi-artist 420 Time, 2001
Comfort Me, PFR 2005

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Set List

Strange Neighbors perform sets of 100% original material. Sets typically last for 75 minutes and contain both released and yet to be released original material.

Some of the venues that Strange Neighbors have played recently include:
4th & Main--Cedar Falls, IA
11th St. Bar--Davenport, IA
McButt’s--Davenport, IA
Q.C. Live--Davenport, IA
Raccoon River Brewing Co.--Des Moines, IA
Busted Lift--Dubuque, IA
The Q Bar--Iowa City, IA
Yacht Club--Iowa City, IA
Torch Light--East Moline, IL
Beirstube--Moline, IL
Bent River--Moline, IL
RIBCO--Rock Island, IL
Cabooze--Minneapolis, MN
Fine Line--Minneapolis, MN
Lee’s Liquor Lounge--Minneapolis, MN
Terminal Bar--Minneapolis, MN
Big V’s--St. Paul, MN
Hei ‘n’ Low--Winona, MN
The Mousetrap--Eau Claire, WI
The Popcorn Tavern--La Crosse, WI