Stranger Lazy

Stranger Lazy


A rock band with numerous influences. Reference points: Television, Guided By Voices, Velvet Underground, Pavement, The News, etc. We're trying to save rock and roll (or kill it, whatever comes first)


Stranger Lazy got themselves all set up for a weekend of hunting. They gathered their guns and the dogs and the ammunition and the orange hats and tromped about for hours, but with no luck whatsoever. And when they came out of the woods at dusk, they looked around at all the other hunters, who were carrying braces of pheasant and quail, ducks and geese, even a deer or two.

"Gee," said Sandalman to his companion, "everyone else seems to be doing pretty well for themselves. Whaddaya think we could be doing wrong?"

"I dunno," said the other. "Maybe we're not throwing the dogs high enough."

"Good solid entertainment" - Bloomington, IN based Stranger Lazy.


And I Punched It

Written By: Rob Freeman

This is a language, I'll say a word. Never explaining, how it's versed. I am a vampire, in your world. Never complaining, even when your story is changing, things that I said. There is a purpose.. To understand as much as can be understood of the complexity of the world. Its beauty, Its chaos. Save each moment and each other. Reap our blunders and recover. Don't expect to please another, without disappointing someone.

Is it Paul Walter?

Written By: Rob Freeman

Don't wait this long to remember this. Everything is not what it seems. Living lost is all you count on. Get your last chance after it's already past. Lose your last chance and then you'll start to ask. Will rock bottom still have all the things we thought of? Don't ask if spirits are high. Gotta wait now, let it play out. It's been done I'm aware that some things can't be expected to last. But there's no sense in allowing all this wasted time to elapse. I was right about one thing that I called the truth. Don't keep saying we'll just wait and see... Don't keep waiting. It's been done I'm aware that something can be good when it's good for nothing. Haste makes waste and I'm sleeping all day. I can't speak without something to say. Wake me up when you think you're ready. (Don't keep waiting) And I think you're ready now.


Written By: Rob Freeman

Share with me the few things we shouldn't do. I wish I was told you're never in control. I wish you were right. I wish I was wrong. Then we wouldn't be so good. Then we wouldn't be so clever. My design was you, the best you that could be. I could let you go, but then we'd never know. This is the one that will block out the sun and we'll wake up and wonder just what we have done. As the few and the proud come together as one we will lift up our hands, point to the sun. When you catch on... When you catch on.. Will you join in the premature celebration? Let's go I wanna bat around. (let's go I want a battle growl) (let's go I want about a round)...


Rib Issue (TBA)
NICE (2007)
BEST (2006) - LP
80's Brown (2006) - LP
The Cox Sintrific (2005) - LP
CIA Spook (2005) - Unreleased LP
When You're Small Everything is Tall (2004) - LP
War Not Bombs (2003) - Limited EP
Elf Racket (2003) - LP
The Driveway Fix (2002) - LP

Set List

Our typical set ranges from 30 min. to 2 hours of original music, with an occasional obscure cover thrown in.