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"SR via TWM"

Strange Robotix is one of Toronto's strangest and more unique bands. They play futuristic, funky, jazzy, electro-math psych music. You have no idea what that is like? Just listen to the bandcamp already! - Two Way Monologues

"Silent Shout out for Strange Robotix"

Weird! This is quite good, actually. Strange Robotix makes Seafunk in Toronto. Hey guys! What’s Seafunk? Is it like Steampunk, only nautical themed? Has anyone made Seapunk stuff*? That would be kinda cool. Old timey divers suits just wondering around downtown Toronto. Somebody make that happen. Hey, Strange Robotix! Make that happen.

*A quick Google, and yes! Seapunk is DEFINITELY a thing. The internet, ladies and gentlemen!

UPDATE: I’ve been informed by multiple sources (including my co-editor) that I am an idiot for not knowing what Seapunk is. I am devastated to learn that it rarely, if ever includes old-timey diving suits. -


• "v.1" released October 2011 @

• "New New Jack Swing" cassette released July 2013 @

• Complete "PHASE ONE" recordings:



What started as a sci-fi soundtrack/concept album is now a live, improvised electronic-jazz exploration of vintage synth textures and rhythmic euphoria. Drawing on influences from Mtume, Prince and DâM FunK, Strange Robotix creates deep-space, psychedelic dance floor sounds. Part funk, part jazz; simultaneously retro and futuristic. Strange Robotix is a unified theory of groove.

Currently creating deep seafunk sound waves throughout Toronto's electro funk scene.