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This band has not uploaded any videos



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Red Flags E.P. - 2007
On Vultures wings E.P - 2010

we have streaming music on and have radio play on some local stations in St. Louis, MO



we started in mid 06 with just two of us writing what we wanted and not caring what we fit into. Starting in Dallas for a couple years we played alot of shows in the metal scene but quickly started to feel as though shows were a social networking scene and not really for people to watch bands and good music. After visiting Austin for SXSW we instantly knew we were living in the wrong city and packed our bags and moved. 3 years later we still don't know what we fit into, but we still like it. We decided to get a 2nd guitar player after 3 years of being a 3 piece and its never been better. We are a very tight and professional group do everything we can to stand out. With 4 people we bring an insane show with 2 4ft lights, and a lot of stage presence. Our influences range from at the drive in, fear before, fall of troy to daughters, the locust and doom metal.