Strangers By Day

Strangers By Day


Musically energetic, lyrically aware, and creatively addictive. Rock & Roll lives on.


'Strangers By Day' came together in the summer of 2004, purely by accident. Although these four talented individuals had known each other for years, and were in various bands together over the years, it wasn't until Tim, Rob, and Bil were in the studio, jamming about on a hot summers night, when they realized that their sound was thin, missing an integral element. That element was Jay. Combining an already established rhythm section with Jay's tasteful, colorful and creatively written guitar parts, Strangers By Day was created. Filling out their sound considerably he was brought in and chemistry was instantly developed. Less than two months after their inception, Strangers By Day performed their first show to a dynamite crowd at Club 279. Unfortunately, due to creative differences they lost their full-time bass player, Rob. However Strangers By Day perservered and marches forth as a confident 3-piece. Each member has drawn from all of their past musical experiences and has created a unique blend of melodic and intelligent music capable of performing retro to grunge to contemporary pop-rock.


"Try" is available as of March 1st on

Set List

Up to 180 minutes of original and cover material.

Typically work with 45 to 60 minutes sets.

Cover material ranges from retro to grunge to modern pop-rock and everything in between.