Smart songwriting that can be funny, heartbreaking or political separately or at the same time. No matter what the song though it is always witty and gaurunteed to make you think.


Describing my songs here in this bio when you are only a click away from hearing them is like standing in the doorway and asking someone outside
"What's it like out"


Eyes Too Big

Written By: Todd Henkin

She carries her thoughts in the bags under her eyes,
"I'm tellin you now" she says "It comes as no surprise,
when I'm laying in bed in the middle of the night
and its a fight just to turn myself off for a little while.
It's a fight just to go someplace else for a little while."
He carries his discontent in the drag of his shoes,
The scraping on the sidewalk sounds like suburban blues.
Yes he's got the things he needs,
He's well provided for,
But he's bored
no rest assured
He'll go crazy in a little while
But his pockets are inside out so I guess he's stayin a little while.

Theyre caught up with eyes too big for what they need to see
And their weighed down by the weight of too many wishes
Because their wishes are just wishin for more wishes

I carry my freedom in a guitar case
I've always got it with me,
Just in case there's a clearing in the clouds and a light shines on down and says "Your right, just keep going, while I'm diggin your style. You'll be fine just keep going while you've got a little while, and you've only got a little while."
We're caught up with eyes too big for what we need to see
and we're weighed down by the weight of too many wishes
Because our wishes are just wishin for more wishes.........


I am working on an EP right now of seven songs recorded by producer Alex Dingley.

Set List

Most of the songs are about 3 to 4 minutes long
All the Time
Man in the Benz
Eyes Too Big
Too cold to cry
Ball and Chain
Dead Flowers (cover)
Como un Pez
Built to Break
Blind Date
Break the Fall
I can't sleep