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"Strange Tang Album Review"

No Worries is a praisable album. Obliq and Price certainly have there own styles in more ways than one. They are pretty nice with their pen game as well. So the content is alluring. And the production is pretty valuable too. I think readers will for sure find a new tracks worth adding to their playlists and or life soundtracks. But don't just take my word for it..... - The Illixer

"Friends Release Album Dedicated to Victim of 2011 Berea Murder"

After the November 2011 slaying of their friend Zackary Dustin Flower, the remaining members of Berea-based “hybrid-hop” group Strange Tang were ready to “hang up our mics,” said Marcus “Obliq” Leslie. But, “if we quit, in a lot of ways, he died for nothing.”

Leslie was in the Chestnut Street apartment on the Monday morning when the suspected killer, Matthew Denholm, allegedly kicked open the door, shot Flower and severely injured the third member of their group, Kevin Price.

Leslie and Price (now living in Florida) will return to Kentucky on Jan. 25 to release the album “No Worries,” dedicated and inspired by Flower..... - Richmond Register


"StrangeLand" (2013)
"No Worries - Tha Screw Up LP" (2013)
"No Worries LP" (2012)
"Good Times EP" (2011)
"Hell Yeah Vol." (2010)
"Rainbow Zebra Thong" (2010)

"Red Cup", "Career High", and "I Worked For This" Are currently in rotation on multiple radio stations.



O-BliQ and Price of ST are simply a result of an Interstate 75 collision. Both artists share the same vision. Representing the working class man, these young, talented songwriters create masterpieces for any and every person holding onto a dream they refuse to let go. Musical concepts vary from “searching for employment” to “partaking in extravagant keg parties for your closest friends”. They refer to their music as a “living soundtrack”.

“Strange Tang” means “Different Swag”. In an industry congested with same-swagger artist claiming to be original, ST hopes to be a breath of fresh air to every Hip Hop lover.

ST’s influences are legendary. Hip-Hop pioneers such as Outkast, Scarface, UGK, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, and funk groups such as Earth Wind and Fire, ZAP, and Kool and the Gang are just a small few of ST’s influences.

ST’s style is nothing less than eclectic and manages to reach an expanded variety of markets. However, ST’s target market is the college crowd ranging from 18-30 yrs of age; People in a critical stage of life development and personal growth.