West Bromwich, England, GBR

Female-fronted alternative rock trio. The thoughts and, let's face it, insecurities of StRANGEtIME's vocalist Kate Finch accompanied by incendiary drums, grinding bass rhythms and angular clashing guitar work - all underpinned by a pop sensibility.


StRANGEtIME are female-fronted, alternative rock trio from the UK.

The band's sound has roots in modern commercial and underground rock, punk, post-punk, metal, proggy-noise, pop, indie, and grunge. Basically, anything good and guitar-based from the last 30 years.

StRANGEtIME have been gigging in this line-up since late 2008 after recruiting drummer Marty Gallagher. They've been gigging relentlessly ever since, as well as quickly writing and refining their set. They've discovered a brand new, successful chemistry.

The band is fronted by singer/song-writer and guitarist Kate Finch; a distinctive vocalist with a delivery reminiscent of Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, and big influence Siousxie.

There's a dichotomy to StRANGEtIME. There are shades of dark and light. Aggression and insecurity. Pop sensibilities and a lust for emotive noise. This polarity is, in the opinion of StRANGEtIME, at the heart of some of the greats.

The bands influences are similar enough to overlap, and varied enough to add some vital creative spark and surprises in the songwriting process.

One or more of the band like each of these bands:

Pixies, Shellac, The Damned, Billy Talent, Minus The Bear, Nirvana, Sunny Day Real Estate, Future Of The Left, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Siousxie & The Banshees, Smashing Pumpkins, Bowie, Rise Against, Therapy, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Silversun Pickups, Grinderman, QOTSA, Biffy Clyro, Interpol, Mortis, Dead Kennedy's, 36 Crazyfists, PJ Harvey.



Written By: Kate Finch

I'd like to see you undressed
I'd like to watch you breathe
I'd like to take you over
And show you what you need

Yeah welcome to my world
Now get down on your knees
And stay there till I say
No you'll never get away
No you'll never get away from me


New demos are up at:

With our previous drummer we released:

Oneitis (EP available on iTunes) 2008
Personality Disorder (single) 2007

Set List

The typical set list is around 40 minutes and consists of solely our own material.

This is always expanding and is chopped and changed for variety. It's current form is as follows:

(Driving uptempo post punk)
(Pop indie post punk and rock)
(Foul-mouthed grunge, by way batcave)
Waltz Dizziliy
(A waltzy, discordant, dystopia of Yeah Yeah Yeahs doing something more metal)
Faux Ami
(Gentle pop fretwork to ska timing - choruses that burst into life)
Black Snow, Blue Skies
(Flangey Cure bassline, Crazyfists drums, chiselling guitars and earnest vocals)
(Come Together wrestled out of it's slumber by Pixies)

Also in the repertoire:

(One and a half minutes of post-riot girl defiance)
(Atmospheric verses, mellifluous guitars. Choruses erupt in double hi hats, delay and pleading vocals)
(Jerking rhythms. Thudding drums)