Formed in late 2006, STRANGE TRIBE has been tearing up the music scene in New England for the past two years, with a live show that is second to none, a fresh style of straight on rock and roll, and pure passion pouring from every note, don't miss your chance to become part of THE TRIBE!



WHATS UP?!?!... The two words that have become the battle cry for the modern rock/alternative band Strange Tribe. It can be heard at any given performance that the band puts on, usually a rallying statement to get the crowd collectively pumped for what they are about to experience, and most times, it’s not the band that screams this phrase, it’s a fan, or a number of fans, that feel it’s their duty to let any rookie of the audience know, welcome to church… be prepared to kneel before GODS!

Rock and Roll is a torch, carried by the greats The Who, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Jane’s Addiction, Pearl Jam that seems to have been dropped almost fifteen years ago, waiting in the dirt to be picked up by the next group of young musicians that feel they’ve got what it takes to kick authority in the crotch and light that fucker back up! Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Tribe, four young musicians that have mastered the craft of fusing melody with mayhem to create the future musical milestone “Dispute All Charges”, the bands second full length album to date. Each of the nine tracks listed on this powerhouse record will stand you up straight, violently shake you, molest your senses, and light the cigarette hanging from your mouth once the tremors stop! Every song on this album will breathe right into your eardrums; enter your brain and marinade for days until you can finally understand the enormity of the roller coaster you were forced on.

All of this is made possible thanks to the four unique members that make up Strange Tribe, laying down the rhythmic foundation on drums is Jeff Luciani. The twenty five year old groove master is the reason your foot wont stop tapping to any of the songs that make up this album, whether it’s his right hand feverishly bashing down on the crash while he leads the way out of an epic chorus, or the tribal like tom beats that somehow build up like a wave right before they crest into chaos, Jeff’s drumming is the ground work that all Strange Tribe songs stand tall upon. The man supplying the low frequency tones that would take the feet right from under you is twenty four year old bassist, Nicholas Ciarlo. Mixing so perfectly the smooth finger walk across the strings, with the almost violent back and forth pounding that seems to come about when Nick’s begun to slap his axe in that timeless funk fashion. The sonic crunch found in every song is brought to you by twenty five year old Nicholas Pannone, via his assault on the six string lead guitar. Always supplying the classic rock riffs that become Strange Tribe masterpieces and some how managing to get his fret board to emit smoke upon completion of any one of the down right supernatural solo’s that inhabit this record. The head of this monster is twenty three year old singer and rhythm guitarist Michael Pannone. Able to supply crucial support with paramount rhythm guitar, with the same intensity and presence of a Sherman tank, all while using the vocal chords as paint brush, and simply bombarding the open canvass. Throwing his voice around from a calm crawl to bursting into a high roar on many of these songs seams to be the trademark of this young front man, just when you think you’ve got the song figured out, Michael’s voice explodes into a register reminiscent to rock and roll’s greats.

When all these components come together, you get Strange Tribe, a refreshing throw back to a much simpler time in music, no smoke, no mirrors, no ridiculous stage props, just four guys getting on stage and grabbing peoples hearts and minds with high energy, emotional rock music that anyone can relate to. The live show has always been what any music lover comes to enjoy the most, so the goal and purpose of “Dispute All Charges” is to capture that. Though this record has succeeded in that department, it is still the case that a Tribe show is a wild fucking animal, in its natural habitat and all its glory, and this record is that same animal in a zoo. You can try and create the most accurate replication of its natural surroundings, but it’s still not the same. Strange Tribe’s natural habitat is the stage, in front of a sea of sweaty people all ready to loose their minds for a few hours and find out for themselves WHATS UP!?


High Grip- 2007
Primae Noctis- 2008
Dispute All Charges-2009

Set List

Capable of up to three hours of original rock and roll music