Strange Tribe

Strange Tribe


STRANGE TRIBE! The band that will single handedly bring back rock and roll. With a live show that is second to none, a legion of crazy fans known as tribeheads, and a sound that is a throwback to a better time in music, witness the revolution, that is STRANGE TRIBE!


Strange Tribe is a modern rock/alternative band from Watertown Ct. After Nick Ciarlo teamed up with life long friends, brothers, Mike and Nick Pannone in the fall of 2006, the seeds of a musical partnership were planted. Recording their first demo cd in November of that year, the band hit the road, playing many of Connecticut’s most respected venues, including, the Empress Ballroom, the Webster Theater, and Up or on the Rocks.

By January of 2007, Strange Tribe managed to grab the attention of the largest rock radio station in New England, The Rock 106.9 WCCC, becoming their second ever homegrown band, a program that gives local bands airtime, and show promotions. 2007 was very good to the Tribe, seeing many new faces at every show, and pushing hundreds of copies of the demo disc they had recorded that past fall. In the early spring of 2007, Strange Tribe, decided to capitalize on the buzz created by their homegrown exposure, and record their first EP entitled, HIGH GRIP. The record quickly found its way around the fan base, and solidified that the Tribe was a force to be reckoned with, going against the musical grain, at home and abroad. Almost as soon as the disc was released, Strange Tribe found more and more spectators singing the words to many of the new songs on HIGH GRIP. The buzz of the Tribe was growing by leaps and bounds with every crazy show that was put on, most times ending with a last song sing along, where fans are invited on stage, to really feel as if they are part of something, part of the show, not just a spectator. After loosing their original drummer in early fall, 2007, Strange Tribe took a few months off to find a new drummer, and write and record their second full length EP. By the start of 2008, Strange Tribe had finished the recording of the next cd entitled PRIMAE NOCTIS, and now equipped with the metronome drumming skills of Jeff Luciani, the Tribe was ready to hit the road once more.

What was only suppose to be a winter tour threw all of the finest music venues in the tri-state area, turned into a 10 month non-stop tour, averaging 6-8 shows every month, all of which brought in new fans, and helped Strange Tribe push PRIMAE NOCTIS sales into the thousands! In August Strange Tribe was asked by 106.9 to headline one of their famous “Free Rock Luaus’”, where Strange Tribe played to about 2000 pairs of ears, in a show that ended with a full on stage invasion of fans, leaving lead singer Mike Pannone to climb the overhead rafters in order to finish the last song!

With the closing of another year, the progress of the Tribe is undeniable, in a time very reminiscent to the stale, hair spray ridden, bubble gum pop of the late 80’s, the pure, unforgiving, passion of a true rock band like Strange Tribe always makes and impact, like a bright red suit in a sea of grey ones. The fall/winter of 2008 will see Strange Tribe play shows in Manhattan, Boston and the finest ski areas in Vermont. Don’t miss the chance to listen and see the revolution that is Strange Tribe, from the first note to the last, the blood sweat and tears put into every song, and every show, is a familiar throw back to a better time in music. From the searing dual guitars of the brothers Pannone, the rumbling power that is Nick Ciarlo’s bass, the rock solid beats produced by Jeff Luciani, all fronted by the anthem like pipes on Mike Pannone setting across melodies that seam to never escape the memory. Strange Tribe is making waves in an ocean that has yet to run into its limits. Plug it in, Crank it up, and become one of the TRIBE!


2006- self titled demo
2007- High Grip
2008- Primae Noctis

Set List

sets vary, can do up to three, 50 minute sets, of a mix of covers and originals