Springfield, Ohio, USA


strangewave is the name that emerged when two Ohio songwriters, J. Trenton Crace and Katrina Eresman, blended their complementary styles. The two longtime friends began writing together after sharing the stage for Crace’s tour of Ohio in support of his second solo album. His taste for pop melodies and rock’n’roll blended perfectly with her tendency towards dissonance and dark, etheric tones.

After spending a year composing, producing, and recording, the duo presents their debut album.

Pop Noir is a collection of rock songs drawn up lean and thoughtful, like a singer-songwriter would do, with the melody and mood of a dream pop band.  There are heavy backbeats, pop hooks and colorful, stream-of-consciousness lyrics.  With their imagination in full bloom, Crace and Eresman have managed to make each song its own world, with its own laws, evoking strange and wild scenes that persist in the minds of their listeners long after the music is over.



Written By: Eresman

Tell your rain the next one's on me
I've got the smallest smile
I can choke reality
Pavement rolls for miles

Birthday wishes, Judas kisses
Your brother's dancing backwards
He drowned us thin in thin water
I'd still like to be your fucking angel

We've each got fingerprints to trace
He's got a way with words
The monster's standing next to you

Hey kid you sold that man your soul
Hey kid you should have known
I'd kill whatever's after you

This game is getting sicker now

Wicked Girls

Written By: Crace

Sell me your castle in the air.
Tell me what I want to hear.
The world can’t say no for you.
Bite your tongue until there’s blood.

All I do is run like hell in place.
All these lonely girls never grow tired of the chase.

I’ll keep on selling out my health.
Spending all my wealth trying to convince myself
That I am really here.

You made me a bitter man.
I could stand to take a stand.

Cunning never helps when you’re alone.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have some thoughts to call your own?

All I do is run like hell in place.
All these lonely girls never grow tired of the chase.

I’ll keep on working on myself,
Make you proud to say you’ve known me all these years.
Come and find me here.