Levittown, Pennsylvania, USA

Stranglehold is very much a "Play what we want to play" kind of band, although most of our music leans towards the heavier side, we've been able to write ballads and music inspired my many different genres and artists.


Stranglehold was formed around 08-09 by Guitarist Nick Vanucci and Bassist Nigel Koellner. Later that year they added Drummer Mike Wood and Lead Guitar player Brandon Wilson, during the same year Nick left the band due to creative differences. Brandon, Nigel, and Mike continued to write music and played a few shows over the next year. In 2010 Nick rejoined the band and played his first show with Stranglehold at the Trocadero in Philadelphia, PA.

Stranglehold's influences range greatly, a majority of our music is influenced by bands like Opeth, Megadeth, Metallica, Tool, etc. However some of our other music is influenced by a huge range of artists such as Pearl Jam, Green Day, Alice in Chains, etc.


The only thing we have released is a 4 track Demo/EP. All 4 songs are streamed on our Reverbnation page.