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The music I make is from God to touch the souls of others. In an age where hip hop is dying due to it's contnet, the music that God has given me is the ressurection.


My name is Allen Stevenson aka the strategist. I've been doing hip hop for 11 years. I write songs, make beats of different types, and I have been doing gospel hip hop for the last 7 years. A while ago, I had a friend and we used to write hardcore verses. I asked him, when we say "you" in rhymes, who are we talking to? He said, who ever you have beef with. I didn't have any enemies so I was writing one. Every since then I've been doing gospel rhymes trying to give people in our world something different to listen to rather then sex based material club talk.


there will aways be us

Written By: Allen Stevenson

There will always be us

You and I belong together like a man who treats his girl good
and a girl who has that answer when a man can’t make sense of things
You’ll always have a place in my heart just like an artery
Just like Adam extra rib for Eve you’ll always be a part of me
We click like metronomes you keep me where I need to be
When the world is killing me your always the one I refer to
And when we do separate because I’m on some other
I’m never out of your sight and I’m never out of your reach
Our bond has as much strength as gravity
The rotation of the planet changes when you and I are in sync
Lately I see you hurting because industries mistreat you
The media don’t know who to blame for all of faults so they blame you
You face has never been seen but as poets we try to map you
Some paint Beautiful pictures, and of course there are the other ones
When I’m alone in a room full of silence you’re the one who says something
To break my insanity and comfort me when I’m lonely
Given by the lord to me I can no longer disrespect you
The gift of music is a blessing you know I’ll always love you
I used to do you so wrong when I used to represent you
But since the lord changed me proud is what I hope to make you

Hook: When I speak you always finish my sentences
You know my next move even without me telling it
I could never leave you nor would I ever try
In music and God the connection will always lye

Words don’t even began to express my debt and gratitude
For the one created the sun stars and moons
Took a room full of nothing and spoke a couple of words
Created worlds a goal that we could never achieve
But at the same time created mental stability and the drive
So that while chasing this goal we’d keep hope alive
Trying to map the universe which continues to expand
Is just another thing men can’t understand and proves your dominance
We all know the sacrifice that was made no need to re explained
I just thank you that you stood there in silence and accepted it
When Judas came to holla at you, you could have punched him
But all you said was betrayed with a kiss and went along with it
So many request hits your ears and even though the requestor
May not mean a thing they say when they give you those promises
Saying to you, I know wrong but I’ll never do it again
Instead seeing them weak and totally doing them in
You forgive them for their wrong and treat them like your best friend
Even though you know there weakness and when they’ll cave in
Even though we crossed you, you saw how the struggle would be
instead of saying your on your own we you told us where we could find rest
For this My God I love you and I’m sorry I’ve mistreated you
Your so loving and kind too me I don’t feel I can measure up to you


I have not released any CD's professionally yet which is why I have come to Sonic Bids in hopes to show someone what I can do so that I can release a CD one day.

Set List

When I perform, I have numerous songs that I can do. A lot of times, Churches only let me do one song so it's tough because I want to do all of them. I'm constantly making new music so the set list changes all of the time.