San Diego, California, USA

Modern rock with big vocal hooks, deep poetic lyrics, monster guitar riffs, and funky grooves. Stratosphere is Powerful, Raw, and Melodic.


2 Full length CDs
4 Music Videos
Radio Airplay on over 40 stations in the U.S. and Canada
Touring: South Eastern U.S. and Southern California
12,000+ fan list
Stratosphere is a San Diego based modern rock band. They can be misleadingly described as STP meets the Red Hot Chili Peppers at Dave Matthew's' house while playing Frisbee with Beatles records. They play both original and cover songs. Stratosphere has an incredible live show. By combining top notch musicians, high energy rock music, lyrics with deep poetic messages, and the coolest audiences in town, an awesome vibe emerges at every show. Their debut self titled CD was originally released in May of 2005 and received radio airplay on over 40 stations across the U.S. and in Canada. The entire CD has been re-recorded from scratch with multi-platinum producer Brett Lieberman and three additional tracks were added. The CD was rereleased in January 2006. Stratosphere's second CD "Breaking Out" was released in October of 2006.
Kevin Thomas founded Stratosphere in 2003 with a collection of songs he had written over the previous two years. Kevin had been living in various different cities across the U.S., searching for the right atmosphere to bring his music to life . He finally found that environment in Miami Florida. After performing in Florida for several years, the band has recently relocated to San Diego and reformed with some new members. Kevin is the lead singer, lead guitarist, and songwriter for the band. He has a degree in Music from Berklee College of Music and a Masters degree in Music Composition from the University of Miami.
The new monster drummer, Marcos Gallarado, is originally from Ecuador where he played an active part in the South American music scene. Percussionist Ed Molina adds all the spice to the rhythm section and gives Stratosphere much of its unique sound. Ed is an x marine sergeant. Tony Keil, originally from Seattle Washington, is the funkified bass player for the band. Tony has a degree in Music Education from West Washington University and is a highly sought after San Diego music teacher. Stratosphere is a must see for anyone who loves live rock music.



Written By: Kevin Thomas


Another dream, another bad dream
It’s the same one every time
You got the moves on the big stage
But everyone's forgotten their lines
They’re like mimes, they don’t know you
Though your the leading role
In every scene another zombie
Graffitis off a piece of your soul

Daydreams, nightmares, surrealistic rhymes |
As you spin around the broken wheel of time

Lotus blooming in the mud
Fill this empty world with love
Lotus shinning like the sun
In our shadow land your a lotus in the field of mud

A streak of light comes through the doorway
Forgotten in the back of your mind
We’re all drunk with amnesia
It’s such a bigger room outside
And as you bloom like a flower
Bursting through the dirt
You bring the light to this illusion
Where everything works in reverse

(repeat prechorus and chorus)

(solo on verse)

(repeat prechorus, repeat chorus 2x, end on verse riff)

A thousand peddles rising up

©2002Kevin Thomas

Picture Perfect

Written By: Kevin Thomas

Diamonds are so beautiful
Crushed right out of coal
Sometimes when the angles right
I can truly see your soul
That sparkle in your eye will get you
gossip from a friend
You’ll use to prove they’ll never fit
in your world in the end, in your

(Picture perfect) Your picture perfect world
(Picture perfect) You’re a picture perfect girl
(Picture perfect) It’s so picture perfect
So high above where you sit and judge the world
My picture perfect girl

The checkers from my past to you
are stepping stones to cross
You climb up to your picture window
and spit down at my loss
The finest wine won’t quench the desert
that lies beneath your chest
‘Cause love is just a card you play
to win the next contest

(repeat chorus)

I wanna tell you everything I feel
I wanna show you there’s so much you could heal
But through your smirks and pretty words that sting
You don’t hear a thing, your a phone that doesn’t ring
You’ve lost your wings


Corporate clowns and picket fences
guard you like a queen
So high above the dirty world
but still you can’t get clean

(repeat chorus)

(Picture perfect) Your picture perfect world
(Picture perfect) You’re a picture perfect girl
(Picture perfect) Your picture perfect world
(Picture perfect) You’re so picture perfect

Your picture perfect world
You’re a picture perfect girl
Your picture perfect world
You’re a picture perfect
a picture perfect girl

©2001 Kevin Thomas

Half a deck

Written By: Stratosphere

Half A Deck

Another half a drink, you’ll have half a plan
You could get out if you were half a man
With sinner’s eyes and a preacher’s heart
You could hit the road and be half a star

Your minds like a train wreck
You’re dealing with half a deck
Stuck in the bottle neck
Dealing with half a deck
Half a deck

See a friend catching half a smoke
You ask him for a hit, you’re feeling like a ghost
He says with half an eye on half the girls
You could make it here and have half the world

Your minds like a train wreck
You’re dealing with half a deck
Stuck in the bottle neck
Dealing with half a deck
Broken down intellect
Dealing with half a deck
Feeling kind of low tech
Dealing with half a deck


So you grab a napkin, write a half a song
about the girl you loved back in Babylon
She wore winter hemlock in her summer hair
And maybe she could save you if you kissed her there

(repeat chorus)

Dealing with half a deck 4x
Half a deck
©2003 Kevin Thomas

Staring Into Space

Written By: Kevin Thomas Music

Staring Into Space

Hands are tied and my mind is stuck
My broken dreams all depend on luck
Busting my knuckles and racking my brains
And I can’t even win at a loosing game

Desperate and hungry
searching for signs
That don’t say stop
it’s the end of the line
Hope is heavy as a rock
on my sinking ship

Stormy seas
Set me free
Send me on a trip

Staring Into space
A perfect day to waste
A shadow across my face
I’m just staring into space

Nothing I do ever seems to work
I bring love to the world but people get hurt
At the edge of the puzzle life isn’t fair
But the pieces gotta fit or they wouldn’t be there

And the cracking of the clock
won’t get out of my head
The hands spinning me around
it’s a race to the death
At every turn another wall
knocks me into a daze

Static eyes
See the other side
There’s only one escape

(repeat chorus)

On the far side of failure
Past the black eyes
that blocked your way
There’s a light house
that guides us all out
Looking back you might just be amazed

Staring Into space
A perfect day to waste
Staring Into space
Lost without a trace
Staring Into space
Poised in perfect grace
A shadow across my face
I’m just staring into space

©2001 Kevin Thomas

Final Frustration

Written By: Kevin Thomas

Final Frustration

Time to go to school
I better get my shot gun
No more bad days
I’m tired of getting picked on
I’m going to blow up the cars
Shoot down those smiles
You can’t laugh at my plans
when you’re all dead in a pile

It’s my final frustration
And I can’t let it go
It’s my final frustration
I never really learned to let it go

I tried to be your friend
Way back in grade school
But now I’ve got a gun
So I don’t need to
Now the show’s gonna end
and I’ll be the star
Gonna smoke you all down
like a cuban cigar

(repeat chorus)

I feel the hand of death
upon my shoulder
Time to join you all
My body’s getting colder
Now that I’ve had my revenge
I wonder what it was for
As I see the flames rise up
to meet me at the door

It’s my final frustration
And I can’t let it go
It’s my final frustration
I never learned control
It’s my final frustration
And I can’t let it go
It’s my final frustration
I never really learned to let it go,
let it go, let it go

©2000 Kevin Thomas

Just Me

Written By: Kevin Thomas

Just Me

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me
Does this world seem a little bit strange?
Hate and anger become a new fashion
Instead of fine clothes find a head to bash in
Fear spreads like oil ‘cross the shores
Someone lights a match and it turns into a war
Raise a flag for love and kill the enemy
I don’t know, maybe it’s just me

But we could die tomorrow, why
are we wasting all this precious time?
We could die tomorrow, Why?
We can’t change it from the other side
Do you feel the way I’m feeling?
How could it be just me

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me
Does this world seem a little insane?
Kill and die for your religion
Spiritual war is a contradiction
Jihad, opium fiction
Sharpen up the nails for the second crucifiction
What’s the punch line in this comedy?
I don’t know, maybe it’s just me

(repeat chorus)

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me
Is this world spinning ‘round the wrong way?
Civilization is cooperation
But the kids got guns and they got no patience
Tribal rage with super big brains
Babies who control the technological age
So wall us in with laws and tell us that we’re free
I don’t know maybe it’s just me

(repeat chorus 2x)

©2002 Kevin Thomas


Breaking Out 2006
Stratosphere 2005
Stratosphere Prequel 2004

Set List

We do both original showcases and cover gigs

from "Breaking Out"

Kill The Pain
Wake Up
My Shell
A Butterfly's Dream
Anxiety Attack
Coming and Going
Fire With Fire

from "Stratosphere" debut CD

Staring Into Space
Picture Perfect
Just Me
Half a Deck
Final Frustration
Devil's Hands

Covers (partial rock list, we also do funk and R&B):
Aeroplane: Red Hot Chili Peppers
All Mixed Up: 311
All My Life: Foo Fighters
American Girl: Tom Petty
Breakdown: Tom Petty
Cumbersome: Seven Mary Three
Drops of Jupiter: Train
Fly Away: Lenny Kravitz
Funky Music
Harder to breath: Maroon 5
I Will Survive : Cake
Inside Out: Eve 6
Interstate Love Song: Stone Temple Pilots
Jane Says: Janes Addiction
Kryptonite: 3 Doors Down
Long View: Green Day
Low: Cracker
Lullaby (Rock-a-bye): Shawn Mullins
Machine Head: Bush
My Own Worst Enemy: Lit
Never There: Cake
Rearranged: Limp Bizkit
Rockin' In The Free