A utopian sound of Rock, Blues and Soul brought crashing into the future. Something that makes you tap your foot, shake your hips and clap your hands with joy!


From high in the hills of Donegal, come four young men, a set of drums, a guitar, a bass and a harmonica to introduce Groove Rock; a fresh mixture of Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Soul brought crashing into the present as a hip crunching, shoe stomping, twist tasty sound which lyrically paints a picture as well as adding a personal touch. Honing their skills firstly in the bars back home, experimenting with sounds from the 60's and 70's then adding a tablespoon of originality and a dollop of high performance which promptly moved the band to the cities of Derry, Belfast and even as far as mainland Euope. Stratospheric have played with some of the most exciting new acts in the country (The Delawares, Ed Zealous, Farago to name a few) and have recently been catching the attention of record labels across the water. Stratospheric have been described as,“A fresh contemporary sound, something that makes you tap your foot, shake your hips and clap your hands with joy." With one recording to thier name already this year, Stratospheric plan to write and record new material and have it ready for the end of the summer... Watch This Space!


Self Titled EP Stratospheric released December 06

All three tracks have recieved consistent radio play across the North West

Set List

Typical Set List

Strange World
Yellow Dog
When The Night Comes
Whats The Use In Trying
64 Things You Should Have Known
Now I'm Gonna Have To Kill You When You Come Home
Chinese Girls
Brown Is The Sound
The B Song
Run Run
Seeing Red

When covers are required we play normally Doors Tracks, Van Morrison, David Bowie, Cream and The Rolling Stones